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What Kind of Smart Bracelet is Worth Buying?


Nov 26, 2020
Smart Bracelet

Science and technology are developing rapidly. So intelligent products have penetrated into people’s lives. The intelligent bracelet, which plays a role in guiding people’s healthy life. It has become a new favorite of people. Speaking of smart bracelets, we have to mention HUAWEI’s smart bracelets. In particular, HONOR Band 5 is the best. No matter its appearance, color or rich functions, it is good. Let’s take a look at HONOR Band 5 review

1. Health monitoring 

The fast pace of life makes many people in sub-health state. People’s happiness index declined. Many people choose smart bracelets to track their health status in real time. The HUAWEI smart bracelet stands out among many smart bracelets. HUAWEI smart bracelet has heart rate tracking function. It is equipped with advanced artificial driving algorithm. That can realize continuous heart rate tracking and accurate reading. At the same time, HUAWEI smart bracelet can track blood oxygen saturation level. In addition, HUAWEI’s TruShost enables smart bracelets to analyze sleep quality. And identify daily sleep habits in real time. It can provide more than 200 personalized suggestions. Allowing consumers to monitor and guide healthy life based on health data anytime. 

2. Exercise monitoring. 

Life lies in sports. HUAWEI Smart Bracelet is a qualified sports coach. Smart bracelets can provide advanced running plans, track and display data. Such as heart rate, exercise time, distance, pace frequency, speed, calories, etc. At the same time, HUAWEI smart bracelet has the function of a private swimming coach. It has a waterproof capacity of 50 meters. What’s more, it is equipped with a six-axis sensor. It can identify freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. And realize accurate recording of speed, distance, calories, scores, etc. Consumers can adjust their exercise plans in real time according to the data to make exercise more scientific. 


3. Multiple intelligent functions. 

In life, the situation of not finding a mobile phone occurs from time to time. With HUAWEI smart bracelet, there is no need to worry anymore. HUAWEI smart bracelet has a phone search function. Which can locate and find the mobile phone in real time. As long as you lift your wrist, you can take photos and preview information. It is very convenient. 

4. High Color Value Appearance 

Everyone has a love of beauty. HUAWEI smart bracelet is made of meteorite black color matching. Full of advanced feeling. At the same time, it has AMOLED touch screen, which can switch various clock interfaces. And enable consumers to have high color value dial at any time. In addition, HUAWEI smart bracelet can stand by for 14 days. This function is really humanized. 

Through the HONOR Band 5 review, it is not difficult to see that it has practical intelligent functions. It can bring many conveniences to consumers’ daily life, and is an intelligent product worth purchasing.  

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