What Kind Of Laptop Should You Buy? A Guide


It happens to most people. They need a new laptop and go online to buy one. Within about five minutes, they are overwhelmed with the number of options available and give up on the entire endeavor.

There are thousands of types of laptops available online, which means that while it can seem like a simple task to get one, it can quickly become complicated, especially when so many of the computers seem to be able to offer the same specs, RAM, and other benefits.

With that in mind, this short guide is designed to help you narrow down what kind of laptop you should buy. So, read on to learn more!

Pick A Platform

You have probably heard the age-old arguments about which computer design and software is better. However, everyone has their preference, and if you have been lucky enough to try out lots of different laptops, you will know which one you enjoyed using the most.

Often, it is hard to find a brand-name computer for a low enough price to afford. If this sounds like an issue you are having, head over to lenovo.com to look at the laptops on offer.

Do You Want A 2 in 1?

There has been a lot of buzz around 2 in 1 laptops, and it is well worth looking into this if you are buying a new laptop.

2 in 1 laptops tend to be hybrids, which can allow you to detach the keyboards from the screens, or they are flexible, allowing you to bend the screen back 360 degrees. This will enable you to make your laptop into a tablet, which is ideal if you are looking for something to slip into a backpack when you are going to work.


Next, you will need to look at the size of the laptop. In particular, the screen.

If you are buying a laptop to help you with a design-based job or one revolving around engineering, you will likely want a screen showing more detail. So, opting for a larger screen can be the way to resolve that issue. With higher resolution comes a higher price, so many people instead choose to purchase an external monitor, which they can plug their laptop into when they get home. This will allow you to see the images on the computer more clearly, and if it is a touch-based monitor, you can even use a stylus to zoom in.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Keyboards, even ones on a screen, need to be responsive and glitch-free, especially if you will be using the keyboard to type in code, where a non-functioning key can equate to disaster.

While it may sound odd, always look at the reviews on any laptop’s keyboard. Even if there is a digital or on-screen option, you need to make sure it is fit for purpose.


Spec sheets can appear to be written in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to those who are not versed in processor code. So, always aim to ask about the specs of the laptop. What is its RAM? What is its display? Don’t forget to ask about battery life too. Once again, make sure all of this matches your requirements before buying.


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