Wearing a Mask– Seven Myths and Facts to Fight the Conflict

Wearing a Mask

To mask or not to mask? There is a conflict among the people that have led to confusion and protest in some parts of the world. The explosion of fake news of the social media platforms and the internet is directing the confusion to the extent of conflict among the idea of wearing masks to keep safe from the novel COVID-19 virus.

The Corona Virus sounds scary, and for some people suffering from underlying conditions, it may well be to a little extent. However, most cases appearing are likely to show little to no symptoms of the virus. This is where wearing antiviral safety face masks becomes essentially important, especially for people who may go out for work or in a place where it is impossible to keep a distance.

Talking about the misunderstandings about wearing a mask, they are categorized under three stages.

  • How effectively can a facemask help in avoiding the virus?
  • What is the proper way to use them?
  • When must they be worn?

Let’s discuss these concerns in detail.

The effectiveness and safety of the mask

Myth #1: cloth masks cannot provide protection

Fact: cloth face masks are effective.

Cloth masks may not be as efficient as surgical masks and respirators, but they sure can protect against the COVID-19 virus. It creates a cloth barrier between the mouth and nose and the environment. This barrier helps in keeping the droplets from reaching your airways and mouth from the people sneezing or coughing to reach people.

According to recent research about the virus, many people infected with the disease are not showing symptoms. This is where it is important to wear a facemask as it can provide protection against the unknown spreading of the disease. 

Myth #2: Other masks are more effective than a cloth mask

Fact: every mask serves their intended purpose

There are different types of masks available in the market, and each one of them serves a different purpose. However, cloth masks can also provide protection in public places. If you are not a medical professional or don’t have to take care of the infected, wearing a cloth mask can benefit you keep the virus at bay.

Myth #3: cloth mask doesn’t allow the air to pass

Fact: A properly fitted facemask allows adequate airflow while still covering the nose and mouth.

Some people have suggested that exhaling the air in the mask can trap the carbon dioxide under the cloth, which can also make an individual sick. However, this is not true. A properly worn mask allows the person to breathe effectively without building up carbon dioxide without building it up under the cloth. However, the people who suffer from breathing problems or are under the age of two shouldn’t wear a mask.

How to effectively wear a mask

Myth #4: there is no proper way of wearing a mask

Fact: The correct way of wearing a mask is the key to prevent the virus from spreading

There is a correct way of wearing a mask. According to the CDC, a mask must cover both: your nose and your mouth to be effective. It must be comfortable on either side of your cheeks and must have multiple layers of cloth without restricting the breathing.

When to wear a mask

Myth #5: you must wear a mask when you feel sick

Fact: it is important to wear a mask no matter the condition

According to recent studies and discoveries, it is suggested that many people who are infected don’t show any symptoms of being infected by the virus. In simple words, you may have the disease, but you are not affected by it. However, the people who are vulnerable or with low immune can be infected and affected by the disease. Therefore practicing social distancing and wearing a mask is essential.

Myth #6: it is not necessary to wear a mask at home

Fact: it is true in case if you are not taking care or living with an infected person

If you feel sick or have a mild symptom of the infection, then it is advised that you have to wear a mask no matter where you are. Do not leave your house and try to isolate yourself from the people around you.

Myth #7: if you have already suffered from the virus you don’t have to wear the mask

Fact: you must wear a mask at all times If you already had the coronavirus before and have had the antibody test to come positive, you may believe that you might be immune to COVID-19. However, there is no study that proving your immunity to the virus once you’ve already had it. This means you are a potential victim of the virus and can unknowingly spread it to others. This is why everyone should wear a mask to stay protected from the Novel COVID-19.

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