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Utilize the final test and score high marks in CA

The main factor determining the success or failure in the exam room is your mentality, which you often ignore and not prepare for. You may have a very firm grasp of the knowledge, but in moments of stress and pressure, you are “sweating” fearing whether you will still be smart enough to remember all that you have in your mind.

Because as soon as you take the test you can still experience the real exam, also experience all the feelings from nervousness, anxiety, enthusiasm when time is about to end so when you enter the real exam room, you have been trained over is still better.

The CA final test series also helps you to divide time appropriately for each question line, from easy to difficult, how time is difficult, avoiding time-consuming but still not perfect.

This if you do not take the test but step into the exam right away, it is very easy to make a mistake, this mistake will cost you a whole year of exam.


The best time to take a CA final test series


If we ask questions about when to take the CA final test series, most of us have up to 80% of the answers from students and parents: one month before the actual CA exam, it is close to the test date to start testing. However, here is our answer: You are applying the form of not running water to your feet but water to your neck and then jumping, this test phase is too late. Why?

Is there a regulation that requires students to take a new test for the CA final test series, why wait for that time to start? Is it good to accumulate in one time for both the final test and exam, is it possible to adjust and practice to increase knowledge in time?

If they ask us back that the CA final test series is from the CA Institute, so there is the final knowledge, if they do not finish, the CA final test series does not know anything to do.

Yes, but for exam preparation with test exams with each stage, you have the right to choose the subject of the knowledge period that you have been grasping to “harden” what is.

And the types of lessons that have not yet come can be left behind. Rather than wait for the screening to finish all your knowledge, pile up and start working on the CA final test series, you will be messing with that jumble. So it is best to divide each part for each stage to consolidate knowledge.


  • You can make use of all space and time for manipulation
  • The number of test questions is diverse, allowing you to be exposed to many different question structures

  • You do not have to waste travel, no effort, travel time.

  • There is a matching answer, this instant comparison tells you where you are wrong, where you can correct it, where you are right to remember. At the same time, you can always learn with the answers, if you do not know any knowledge, you can ask yourself and learn with the answers.


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