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Ultimate Guide To Create A Character with a Character Software For Your Brand

Character Software

Surely you have seen those videos that attract attention on the web and have asked yourself: what would I need to do to create an animated video for my company? Where from these Animated Characters come. Let us today explain to you that all you need are a Character Software to create those awesome animated characters apart from video creation software. These are the essential elements you need to create a successful animated video for your brand.

Define the purpose of your video

You don’t want to create a video just for the sake of it. If you’re going to take the trouble and expense of producing a high-quality, attention-grabbing multimedia piece, it must have a purpose. This purpose should be clear in your mind from the beginning. Are you trying to promote your company, create an explainer video for a specific product, or are you an influencer who wants to gather more followers on social media? Whatever your purpose, make sure your purpose is clear, both to you and your team from the beginning.

Decide the type of animation you want to do

There are several types of animated videos to choose from. You should have an idea in mind of the type of animation you envision before going too far in the process. Some types of animated video options include:

Promotional Videos

These engaging videos highlight your product, your campaign, or your brand, in a way that attracts viewers’ attention. In whiteboard animation videos, an artist appears to be drawing while the person watches. These pictures include cartoon images or text and are very effective for instructional videos.

Animated Explanatory Videos 

Explanatory videos demonstrate the qualities of your product or give the audience an explanation of complex concepts. These videos facilitate the breakdown of information for the consumer.

Animated Posts for Social Networks

With social media platforms prioritizing video in their feeds, animated social posts are used to turn traditional images or posts into moving items, increasing your visibility and grabbing the attention of viewers.

The cartoons are the preference of children but adults too recently, are hearing when referring to these drawings. A good sketcher of cartoons, is one that can extract the main details of an object or a human being and simplify the ways a child can recognize and feel attracted to what you are watching. 

Your video needs to tell a story, and that story needs to be engaging in the first ten seconds to retain the audience. Whether you’re helping a client solve a problem, appealing to their emotional side, or trying to make them laugh, you need to make a connection right away, as today’s audiences average 8 seconds of attention.

Once you know the story you want to tell, create a storyboard to start planning how you want your video to look.

Best Character Maker Software

This is one of your basic needs, if you are using the animated videos for your promotion. You need an animated character that is the one which will fit into your script demand. One of the reputed and famous character maker software is Mango Animate Character Animation Maker that can help you in bringing out the Character Software required into life through your project.

You have the option for infinite customization and a free library where you can have lots of ready to use animation character that you can customize for as per your need. There are vivid facial features and various decorative items that can help you in generating the Character Software of your dream in few minutes. The posing and the character movement can be controlled through inbuilt intuitive IK control.

Why wait, head start to create your animated character and bring it into life for your next project.

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