Top Tips When Buying a New Car

Buying a New Car

Buying a new car can be incredibly exciting but also an incredibly stressful process. The minute you step into a dealership, you can become so overwhelmed by the prospect of your new motor, pushy sales tactics and new car smell, that you might end up making a decision without considering some crucial elements. The below list will highlight some top tips that you should take into purchasing your next new car.

Consider Your Budget

It’s a sensible idea to know what kind of budget you are looking at before you go to any kind of dealership or before you take to the web to start browsing. If you’re buying a car on finance such as on Auto Finance Online, then it will be incredibly easy to get a quote and see prospective vehicles if you know exactly how much you can afford to pay.

Consider the Long-Term Value of Your Vehicle

It’s always worth weighing up whether you’d like a used car or a new one as a new car, though a nice prospect, can lose its value quite quickly and used cars are a lot cheaper. Statistically speaking, a new car will have lost its value by about 40% after just one year after buying, according to the AA. Naturally, the depreciation of your car will depend on what the car is, it may have a lot of value over time, so that’s worth taking into consideration as if it will keep its value then it could be a good investment.

Check the Car Fits Your Life

The first thing you’ll consider is how a car looks and whilst that’s important as you want to feel comfortable driving it, you also need to ensure that it will suit your lifestyle. Is it big enough for the school run? Will it be able to make that tight turn on your way home? Will it fit in your garage? All of these questions should be going through your mind when you are looking at buying a new vehicle.

A good tip is to make a list of everything you need your vehicle to do, that way you can prioritise exactly what it is you are after. Start a column with things you definitely need, followed by added extras you’d like and others that aren’t as important.

Buy at the Right Time

It surprises a lot of people to find that the time of the year you buy can make a big difference to the final price you pay. A lot of it will depend on what kind of targets the dealers have and what their stock is looking like. Dealers usually have a lot of stock to sell in September and March, then in the months of August and February, dealers will likely be selling old stock that they are trying to clear.

You should also try to visit your local showroom on a weekday rather than a weekend as they tend to be much busier on weekends. If you spare some time on a Friday, there’s a better chance you will get a good deal on the vehicle.