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Top 20 Android App Development Trends to Look Out in 2021


May 10, 2021 App Development

Doubtless is the fact that in today’s digital market, Android is the most popular Smartphone Operating System. The majority of smartphone users use Android sets. Android OS places nearly 3 million mobile applications in Google Play Store.

Android OS is in high demand when the topic comes to mobile application development. The android applications are accessible and easy to the users. Android Application Development is expanding in the market with all the new technologies and modern trends as time passes.

If you are willing to start up with an Android Application development company, hire dedicated developers to enhance the performance level of the applications. You need to show up the trends to your potential users to survive in the market for a longer time.

When you hire full-time developers in your firm to build and develop new Android applications, you must possess a profound understanding of the recent trends.

The blog will discuss the top-rated Android App Development Trends to look out in 2021,


  • Instant Applications

Instant Application is a common feature of the Android Application development process. With growing time, the demand for instant applications is higher. The main feature of Instant Applications is to enable the users to enjoy the functions of an app without installation. These applications help users to save space and data on their smartphones.


  • Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The development tasks have become easier to execute with the assistance of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on smartphones. According to recent research, Artificial Intelligence has increased the productivity rate by 40%. The developer can now use multiple AI solutions in language processing, data analysis, or automation.


  • Flutter Mobile Application Development

Flutter Mobile Application Development is one of the latest technologies of Google. The future of android technology also lies in the success of Flutter. This framework is a favorite to most developers for the flexibility and accessibility. Flutter allows the applications to have a native interface. An application like Google Ads is featured with Flutter.

Flutter features,

  • Easy to Learn
  • Native Design
  • MVP Development


  • Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology increases the transparency of the application development process. This trend removes any unauthorized access. This is the best suitable option to use in the financial sectors like banks.

Blockchain Technology features,

  • Reduction of Data Loss
  • Survives Network Failure
  • Initiates Better Performance
  • Safer and more secure apps


  • Google Assistant

The majority of the application developers prefer to integrate their applications with Google Assistance. Google Assistant helps the users to find the apps quickly. Another feature of Google Assistant is Android Slices, which allows the developers to show the essential application contents to the users. Google Assistant helps to grab the attention of a large number of potential users.


  • Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology helps the developers to target users and clients. A beacon is a transmitting gadget that helps to connect with the mobile gadget of the same range. This trend has made android applications very popular. Usage of this technology is helpful for shops and restaurants.


  • APM & EMM

APM and EMM stand for Application Performance Management and Enterprise Mobile Management, respectively. These are two primary tools used in application developments. These technologies help mobile applications to run faster.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things technology helps smartphone applications to be more cost-friendly. Smartphones protect various types of information with proper safety. Smartphones also serve as intelligent gadgets.


  • Use of 5G Technology

We all know that 5G is the fastest technology to date. 5G technologies use 100 GBPS speed and radiofrequency. 5G technology helps in quick data transmission worldwide. The technology boosts rapid growth in the marketing sectors.


  • On-demand Applications

Android applications are highly popular with fast services and delightful experiences. On-demand application is a new trend of 2021. The application trends help to finish the tasks more conveniently. On-demand apps can assess the users’ locations and offer services. Healthcare, Grocery, Food, Medicine come under on-demand apps.


  • Android Jetpack

Android Jetpack enables developers to create more advanced apps with advanced tools and guidelines. Google offers the developers the procedure to use this technology.


  • Mobile Wallets

Most business companies select mobile wallets to improve their success rate. Google Pay and PhonePe are the most used mobile wallets android applications. The applications are expected to be more secure in 2021. It helps the users to execute safe monetary transactions.


  • eCommerce

eCommerce is one of the latest trends to develop android applications. This technology helps to raise more revenues. The clients are more likely to download the eCommerce Android applications for the service or product.

eCommerce features,

  • Safe transaction
  • Pop us notifications
  • Customized Experience
  • Best Client Loyalty
  • High Conversion
  • Healthy Advantages


  • Motion Layout

Motion Layout enables the developers to use animation and motion in their applications. This technology is enriched with a vast library. The library helps the developers to handle complex issues. Mobile Layout helps in the animation of each layout property. Developers are still working on this tool to better the experience.


  • Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality, virtual reality, in other words, is expected to rule the technology world in the near future. The gaming value of augmented reality is predicted to reach an unbelievable standard by 2023. Technology will not replace reality; instead, it will enrich reality with more information.


  • Security

Smartphone users blindly trust their applications even without using any security application. Android is combined with Gmail and Google. A large number of applications are utilized on the international level. Therefore, growing security is one of the most powerful tools.


  • Kotlin Multiplatform

Kotlin offers the developers with multiplatform project feature- a substitute for Flutter. The feature enables the developers to share code between platforms to speed up the task and saves time.


  • Cloud-based Android Applications

In today’s advanced era, it isn’t easy to operate mobile apps without cloud space. The developers are inclined towards cloud-based apps to ease the heavy downloading process. You can get access to this app anytime, anywhere.


  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is a technology that increases visibility during a search process on mobile. AMP improves SEO performance. AMP encourages different websites to better speed and performance.


  • Wearable Applications

The demand for wearable applications is getting high with time. These applications use Android SDK with great features and designs. Wearable applications work on apps like smartwatches.


To Conclude,

Android is expected to have a vast thriving industry in the near future. Mobile App Development Company New York is expanding rapidly on this ground. The companies hire developers to upgrade the Android applications with multiple features and services.

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