If you are looking forward to getting settle abroad, or you have a plan to get educated abroad? Whatever be the reason, there will always be a need of consulting an immigration consultant.

Moving abroad seems easy in words, but it isn’t. There are various challenges that a person may have to face and resolve.  First Step Immigration consultants are in a better position to guide. Immigration rules change from year to year depending upon countries’ relationships with each other’s. And it is difficult to go through without the proper guidance. Moving to another country isn’t an overnight decision; rather, it is series of certain decisions taken thoroughly.

Here are some of the factors that might help you to consider in choosing the right immigration consultant in Ahmadabad.

  1. Checking The Basics: 
  • Accreditation: Before moving forward in choosing the right consultant, try to find out whether the consultant is authorized or recognized by the government, any local authority or the immigration body of the country you are moving to.
  • Office: Having a physical office plays build trust between the customer and consultant. Always visit a consultant having a proper office or desk rather than choosing a freelancer of such immigration policy as they don’t have creditability over the authority or might be illegitimate.
  • Reputation: When it comes to immigration consultants, reputation is all that one needs. Visit a reputed firm and seek consult from them as it will be more beneficial for you since all the paperwork and formalities will be performed by reputed consultants. First Step Immigration has a reputation for successful immigrating people abroad.
  1. Experience And Success Rate:

Always choose an experienced immigration consultant as well as knowledgeable. Immigration rules are subject to change from time to time. Therefore it requires updating of knowledge and foreign policies to save your precious time and money. Canada work permit consultants in Ahmadabad, for instance, can provide updated information related to work permits in the country.


Also, experience build trust among the customer since their knowledge and expertise in past years has developed a lot to take on the immigration process promptly. Go for consultants that have years of experience in the field. And a good track of successful immigration.

  1. Transparency and Clarity:

Before selecting any consultant, visit a couple of immigration consultants in Ahmadabad for a better understanding of the entire process of immigration. Question the immigrants of any queries and seek information. Your consultant should be open to discussing immigration procedure without hiding anything like fees, documentation requirement and more.

Questioning the consultant brings out various things to know about policies. It helps you to evaluate and find the important aspects of the policies of the different countries, the price charged by a consultant for their service, and how committed they are towards their job.

Ask them about their experience, their credibility, their rates, and complete procedure. If they hesitate to provide credentials and credibility, then it means they aren’t fit for you.

  1. Don’t Choose Who Ask For Lies:


The heading itself makes it clear that don’t choose any consultant that asks you to lie over various things. The lies at first can help you to go abroad, but later it can bring you into trouble. Consultants who ask you to lie aren’t trustworthy and also lack experience in this field.

An immigration consultant will not hold onto your documents. Some of them do so to get more money from the customers. Try to avoid such consultants. Many consultants show lower prices in the beginning but later charge high rates. Keep away yourself away from such frauds.


  1. Go Through Terms And Conditions


Before choosing an immigration consultant, read through the terms and conditions as well as regarding the cancellation and refund policy. Their website should be neatly drafted, having all terms and conditions properly drafted. The website contains every single piece of information which must be cross-checked. Many consultants do not display their refund policy. So, it’s right to ask them and their duty to answer them about how much will they refund and in how many days they will do it.

Even the cancellation policy should also be cross verified before finalizing the consultant. Kindly visit at least 3-4 offices for better service.

However, you will be able to choose the best immigration consultant. This business is full of frauds and cheaters who are ready to take advantage of people. Be aware and read the instructions properly to secure your time and money.