The Man Cave; How to Create The Perfect Escape Space

Perfect Escape Space

The man cave! This expression has been around for a few years now and conjures up images of big burly men and testosterone-fuelled evenings of beer drinking and bad language. The reality probably isn’t quite as brutal, but everyone needs a space of their own, and with most households filled with kids, dogs, and partners, you can forgive the men for wanting the occasional time out. So, what makes the perfect man cave?


What’s a man cave without a big ole TV. To escape the arguments of what channel to watch, a man with a well-equipped man cave can escape the conflict for some much-needed alone time. For a special treat, why not invest in a projector big enough to watch the game or other big sporting events.

If gaming is your thing, move the Xbox or PlayStation into the cave. Invite the boys’ round to feed your competitive streak. If you are in a separate part of the house, or better still in an outhouse or converted garage, you can shout to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge you won’t get disapproving comments from your other half.


Getting the furniture right is vital for ultimate comfort in the cave. You could go for the standard ‘man recliner’ for lazy days and escape from the madness of everyday living. Most recliners come equipped with a drinks holder, leg support, and somewhere to store remote controls and gaming accessories.

Suppose you plan to make a regular habit of having the boys around for regular evenings of games and movies. In that case, you could invest in a big bean bag chair: a massive beanbag that’s lightweight and super comfy, ideal for the mate that’s taller than everyone else or the one that spends far too much time down the gym.

One of the appealing parts of having a man cave is the ‘all in one’ feature. It’s true, once you’ve settled in to watch the game or started out on a marathon gaming session, no one wants to drag their bum all the way to the kitchen for refreshments. What’s the solution? A super-duper ‘MAN fridge’! You don’t need the American fridge that’s built like a small ship, but you can get compact little coolers that are perfect for storing beers, chocolate, and lots of other snacks you choose. If your space is very generous, why not install a bar to impress your friends and stock up on all your favorite tipples. You can even buy a Darth Vader fridge if you’re a Star Wars geek.

Food and drink

As mentioned above, if the space is generous, you can store all your favorite food and drink in the same place. As well as a bar, you can build a food cupboard or a pantry, meaning you won’t have to venture out into the murky waters of the rest of the house, avoiding even the need to engage in conversation, the ultimate luxury for a busy man.

For the more extravagant, why not add a vending or popcorn machine; combine saving with snacking. Some vending machines have inbuilt games designed to play for your snack; ingenious!

There are tons of ideas for making the perfect man cave. Enjoy the space but remember you may have to share it with your significant other if you make it too comfortable!