The Greener Home Exterior

Home Exterior

Curb appeal is important and always has been in the suburbs. Having a house that you feel good driving home to is an important part of a happy life. The way your home looks on the outside and from the outside is a critical part of homeownership.

As materials change and become more sustainable and more environmentally friendly, so do the exteriors of our homes, and the access to materials that can serve to make the home a lot greener is now available. Furthermore, this move toward green materials is not just for the composition or place of origin of the product but its longevity and the costs you will spend on maintenance of such materials. You must look at this in a holistic manner and, in doing so, find ways to incorporate environmentally friendly products into your home’s exterior.

Boundary walls or fences

There are so many options for your boundary wall or fencing. Many would argue that the greenest solution in this regard will be a living hedge. However, as materials change, it is possible to argue against this as the greenest form of screening, wind protection, or security. With the rise in recycled materials for building from suppliers like eComposite Products, it is possible to install a fence or boundary wall that will not rot, needs no repainting, no watering or trimming, and ongoing maintenance and is expected to last over 20 years. These are the changes that science and research are bringing to our daily lives, and we should be keen to embrace these solutions for a more sustainable exterior.

Vinyl siding

There are a number of recommended ways to upgrade the exterior of your home, but one of the main means of doing this is to replace and upgrade the siding. It is a job that many of us will do during the lifetime of our homes, maybe even a few times. Yet the materials now exist to be able to do this once, and once only, as the new vinyl siding will provide insulation and weather protection for decades without needing so much as a clean.

Reclaimed building materials

There are now so many building salvage yards and places to source reclaimed materials across the country, making the availability of period home features, old solid timbers, wrought iron benches, and recycled materials available for all. If you are doing any external remodeling or renovations, it is always worth having a look at what is available in these yards that could provide a new lease of life in your backyard or on the building itself.

Concluding comments

A green home is a lot more than simply adding solar to the roof and fitting a system to recycle and reuse water as a retrofitted solution. To have a truly green exterior, you will need to incorporate this thinking into the overall structure. Every time you have a chance to remodel or refurbish, be critical about the materials you use and always be on the lookout for the latest in green building materials.