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The Fastest Way To Grow your Real Estate Business With Social Media Marketing


May 10, 2021
Social Media

Any business in this world can flourish by using social media, same for the real estate industry. If you are a realtor you should know how the real estate business can grow with social media marketing. Most popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can give your business a boost. In this article, I will share some tips on how to market yourself as a realtor on social media.

How to Market Yourself as a Realtor on Social Media

Platforms Like Facebook?


No doubt that Facebook is the king of all social media channels available in the market. Around 80 million small businesses use Facebook to connect with their audience, build a network, create awareness. 


Facebook can work as a bridge between you and your potential customers. As a realtor, Facebook can help you grow organically or you can run paid ads to your targeted audience. Here are few other ways Social media king can help you to flourish your business-


Sharing is caring


Real estate social media marketing is based on informative content and valuable social media posts. You may consider sharing some helpful posts about real estate on Facebook. Like- reviews, listing related updates, blogs, etc. Your target audience may find it helpful and would like to share it on their Facebook feed. Moreover adding value is the game-changer in real estate social media marketing.


Connect with your audience


Try to reply to your DM and comments as soon as possible to build a connection with your audience. It shows that you care about their queries. As a realtor, you know well that business is all about building connections and nurturing them.


Use cover photo as a banner


Potential leads can know about you from your cover photo as well. Do not forget to write a few lines about what you offer and your contact details. Make your cover photo interesting with proper graphics and information.


Follow 80/20 Rule 


Facebook algorithm prefers content with a high engagement rate. 80% of your content should focus on brand awareness and 20% can be promotional. Share real estate-related posts more often to create awareness about your brand.

How to use Instagram for Real estate social media marketing?


As a realtor thinks of Instagram as a visual-based platform to create awareness and generates leads for your business. People are already familiar with Instagram, so take full advantage of it and consider Instagram as your mini portfolio.


Create compelling Bio


A professional realtor should use keywords like ‘real estate industry’,’ realtor’ in their bio to optimize their Instagram account. Highlight what services you offer to whom, your contact details.


Prepare a content  calendar


Before making your first move on Instagram make sure as a realtor you are making your own strategy to get the desired outcome. Share industry-related posts, video posts, or other tidbits that your customers may enjoy. Planning everything will save time and your business will grow strategically.


Hashtag strategy


Only shareable relevant content will not give you high visibility unless you use a proper hashtag to optimize it. You can use different hashtag identifier tools like- Hashtagify, Ritetag to identify the best-suited hashtag strategy for your niche. Keep an eye on Instagram insight to know which hashtag is performing well. Post informative content with high-quality images and videos is paired with proper hash is the key to growth in Instagram.


Run carousel ads


Decide your ideal customer’s demographic, Income, and all other necessary details before you run carousel ads.  Use multiple slides to show present real estate development or future development. Tell a story with your ad copy. 

How to Market yourself as a realtor on Twitter


Needless to say that Twitter is another popular platform that helps in generating leads and growing the business. Let’s unfold the secret of how you can market yourself as a realtor on Twitter.


Engage with an influencer-  


Influencers are the people who already have considerable numbers of followers on their social media. Use Twitter to find out such influencers in your niche, share their content on your Twitter wall, tag them in your blog- this way you can generate leads organically from Twitter.


Promote your Brand


To promote your brand in the market you need to be consistent, use the same logo you use for your offline business, follow a particular color palette that will look more aesthetic.


Take advantage of Twitter tools


The most beautiful part of social media marketing for real estate is that you can measure every metric by using tools.  Social monitoring, listening tools, or tools that are particularly useful for Twitter would be the best choice.


  •  Buffer- it tells you about the best possible time for your post and schedule post
  •  Social oomph: A tool that tweets, tracks your business-specific keywords.


  •  Sprout social: this tool will enhance your online presence.


Set your own goal


Any business can lose track if it doesn’t set goals. We are providing you a set of questions that you can ask before setting your Twitter marketing strategy.


  •  Who is your ideal customer?
  •  What issue can you solve for them?
  •  How are your services going to help them? 
  •  How to plan your content for your target audience? 
  • What result do you want to achieve? By when?


We are pretty sure if you can keep these things in mind, definitely you can set a perfect Twitter marketing strategy for your business.


Monitor the result


Your effort behind your marketing strategy got wasted if you don’t track results. Be alert, watch what is working and what is not working, set your next step based on your result. Follow the right metrics for your Twitter campaign,  use tools like Twiiterpriod to measure it.


We have shown you the right path to how to market yourself as a realtor on social media. Now it’s your turn to implement those things and track the outcome. Social media marketing can be your next weapon to fight for your venture. Let us know how you are using Social media for your real estate business?

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