The Best Gaming Glasses

The Best Gaming Glasses For sports

PC gaming is a wonderful hobby, but it’s not easy on the brain. Hours of flashy show action and RGB accent lighting will take their toll, particularly with high levels of blue light. This makes the eyes feel drained and dry, may worsen chronic symptoms, and may even cause concentration issues or headaches. The flashing blue light allows your eye muscles to flex in and out of an uncomfortable manner. If you’ve ever found that gaming late into the night makes it hard to fall asleep, it’s because the blue light on your phone tricks your eyes into believing it’s daytime. Few displays are configured to block out blue light, but this light cannot be totally omitted from the screen. 

Fortunately, there are decent gaming glasses. Amber tinted lens combines with blue light to block it from the range of vision. The combination between amber and blue light decreases headaches, nausea, watery eyes and even insomnia.

Check out some of the most popular models, each with its own exclusive collection of features. Choose which ones are better for you and start playing your games with no eye strain.

Gunnar optics INT-00101 

Gunnar glasses come doctor advised for blocking high-energy blue light and UV light. These lenses are so fantastic that you can use them for sunglasses. The Intercept has a fantastic frame build, meaning the glasses are tough and will not fall off your forehead. Engineered polymers stabilize curved temples that fit easily over your head and do not stretch out with regular use. User ratings claim that this pair of glasses is particularly suitable for wide-faced shapes, such as a wide-fit frame with a lens diameter of 59 millimetres, bridge width of 18 millimetres and a temple length of 132 millimetres. The reviewers describe the frames as having a smooth, rubbery feel so that they don’t pressure your face and maintain their proper position. 

What distinguishes the Gunnar glasses from the others is the lens design, designed to reduce air currents near the eyes. This avoids eye-watering and offers consumers optimum ease. The amber lens removes distortions, impurities, haze and graininess present in gaming glasses with poorer quality lenses. The lens mirrors light back as natural light, causing people to easily forget that they still wear gaming glasses. 

Trust FeatherView Optics 

Trust Optical is a decent pair of gaming glasses that won’t break the budget. They promise to relieve eyestrain, headaches, nausea and insomnia with their proprietary BluGuard amber lenses. Studies suggest that they eliminate blue light by more than 40% and help avoid cataracts and macular degeneration. Trust Optical is committed to helping Americans improve productivity while easing eye pressure. According to their study, more than 95% of Americans suffer from automated eye training due to work and recreational activity in front of computer screens. If you get a pair of Trust Optics lenses, you’re going to take the first steps to solve this recurring issue. 


The frame is surprisingly small, just 5.6 ounces, but after a few minutes of use, you won’t even know that you’re wearing it. They look trendy and have a classic square frame with aluminum spring-hinged temples. They work exactly like a pair of turtle shell shades. Trust Optics also comes with a carrying case and a cleaning pad. These are tiny incentives, so it’s pretty cool for such a cheap price to get the extra gear to buy them. There’s even a 2-year warranty on the lenses if they quit working properly—plus a 90-day refund period so you have plenty of time to find out if they’re the best glasses for you. 

Blue Light Shields J+S Vision 

The J+S Vision Blue Light Shields are perfect for gamers who use voice chat headsets while playing. The reviewers regularly praise the glasses for their elegant, unisex case. Anyone will wear these glasses and feel that they look fine in your setup. 

The J+S Vision filters 90 percent of high-energy blue light and still emits low-energy blue light that is necessary for seeing the whole image on your phone. This is sometimes a problem for gamers that gaming glasses can blur the graphics of their games, thus inhibiting their immersion. This is not the case for J+S Vision glasses because they were clearly designed to keep the image in touch. The J+S Vision team has optimized their glasses to guarantee that the tint is not too thick, offering the clearest image possible. 

J+S glasses are particularly decent for their low tint, and they maximized graphics. Then again, because of the tint, you get more blue light, so if you need a utility pair of glasses for daily computer work, look elsewhere (#5 on our list is a better choice). 

The glasses are also backed by a 30-day money return guarantee, so you can check them out and see if they fit well for you.


If you’re a gamer, you also ought to remember your wellbeing. One day, you don’t want to wake up half-blind, with carpal tunnel wrists, resulting in you not being able to indulge in your sport. For good gaming, you must need a good laptop it. Check out HP Service Center in Goregaon if you are looking for a good laptop repair center.

It seems like gaming is a low-impact activity to do—you’re just sitting in a chair after all. But any player knows that after a long game, you will feel very drained. It’s crucial that you take care of yourself. Get a pair of the best gaming glasses to cover your eyes and guarantee that you have a long, prosperous gaming life.

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