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The Best Animated Movies for a Family Movie Night

Family Movie

It’s a great sight to see children hyped for a new animated movie release. The excitement of waiting in a long queue for popcorn. Getting a new pair of 3D glasses. And lots of other small details only kids can cherish. However, you can replicate the same experience by running an animated movie marathon with the whole family.

There are lots of animated flicks both kids and adults alike can enjoy. In fact, most animated movies never do you wrong. You get music, you get good dialogues, you get eye-catching visuals. There’s no aspect where a good animated movie can lack. The only hassling bit is that there are countless movies to pick from and we can understand the struggle of nitpicking the best ones. But we found a solution for it. We have jotted down some popular animated movie titles that you can watch on a family movie night!

Finding Nemo

Marlin, a clownfish, sets out on a testing journey to find his son, Nemo. He finds himself grappled in the clutches of humans, hostile sharks, and a lot more. But he makes a scatterbrained friend on the way, Dory, who vows to help him out.

The Lion King

The next successor in line with the animal kingdom is a young lion, Simba. But he’s still naïve and doesn’t quite catch the graveness of the situation at hand. The current king, Mufasa, has high expectations from Simba but his evil brother, Scar tramples over Mufasa’s prospects. Does Simba have what it takes to avenge his father and reclaim his rightful throne?

Monsters, INC.

The boogeyman under our bed. The blue witch with iron claws. The ghastly Jersey Devil. Surely our parents have reprimanded us with scary myths but let that sink in. Monsters, INC. takes the same notion but with a twist. Sully and Mike Wazowski are two monsters working at a scare factory responsible for scaring children and in turn, using their screams to generate electricity. Things stray away when Boo, a human child, sneaks into their world.

Beauty and the Beast

A cursed prince. A damsel in distress. Classic Disney princess movies. But Beauty and the Beast doesn’t display the lavishness of royalty rather it captures the strong-willed character of Belle who helps a distressed ugly beast to pick up his pieces. If not, the prince shall live his entire life as a beast locked away in a glum castle.

The Little Mermaid

Another Disney classic every kid must watch at least once is The Little Mermaid. While the original story by the Grimm Brothers is rather too grim, Disney as always tweaked it to have a happy ending. Ariel, mermaid princess, longs to become human but the notion itself is forbidden in her kingdom. She defies her father and ends up making a deal with Ursula, a cunning sea witch. Ursula grants Ariel her wish but at a cost of something very dear to her.

Inside Out

Pixar ‘literally’ gives life to emotions in Inside Out. However, Inside Out’s story is rather simple but relatable to many. Riley and her family moves to a new town but she cannot seem to adjust to her new life that easily. The little voices inside her head, which are her emotions, help her cope with the change.

Where to watch?

Most of the movies on our list are by Disney. So if you are subscribed to Disney’s streaming service, Disney+, you can run a Disney movie marathon with the entire family whenever you want. But in case, you don’t have a subscription, you shouldn’t fret then either. What you can opt for is cable TV. Cable TV providers like WOW cable channels offer a wide repository of channels that are meant for every member of the household. You can tune in to a family movie channel or view the day-wise schedule of your chosen channel. Once you know the schedule, you can set up a family movie marathon in a jiffy!

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