Ten things that you can do on Mother’s day

Ten things that you can do on Mother's day

As mothers day is approaching, we all have started making plans for the day. Many of you would have even started looking for Mother’s day gifts online. You must be occupied with the idea of getting something for your mother so that her day goes well and she feels happy. But we need to remember that mothers day is not about gifts. It is not about wishing your mom through quotes or cards. It is about thanking her and honouring her.

Ten things that you can do on Mother’s day

Thanking her for being so kind, so caring and selfless. In modern times, social media posts, stories and captions have become a significant part of any celebration. However, you must be careful that your celebration of mother’s day does not get confined to a social media post only. You may click photos with her, post them, give her gifts but what after that? Would you go back to your routine?

Would you go out with your friends or just sit in your room, enjoying a series alone? That must surely not be the case, our mothers have got just one day for them and we shall make sure that this day turns out to be special for her, just like she ensures that our special days turn into being extra special. Go ahead and read all activities you can do to spend your day with your mother. 

  • You can start making her feel special right from the beginning of the day by serving her a bed tea. This would be a total surprise to your mum as she would have barely received tea from you early in the morning.
  • You can bring a bunch of Mothers Day flowers and make your mother smile through flowers. After all, flowers are such lovely creatures that everyone loves them. The charm and the fragrance of flowers would definitely bring a broad smile to your mother’s face.
  • You can spend some time with each other and watch a movie together in your house. You may go out to watch the movie in the theater as well. 
  • How about a lil tea party? You can turn the daily ritual of having tea into something exciting by throwing a little tea party. The tea shall be accompanied by some tasty snacks and some music in the background. 
  • You can go down the memory lane, along with your mom by gazing into old photographs. You may take out the photo albums and go through them along with your mom. You might even find your mother turning into a storyteller when she starts telling about the moment that got captured in the photograph. 
  • You can spoil your mom by offering her something sweet. You can cook a dessert at home or buy a box of chocolates or you can order Special mothers day cake for her. 
  • If you have spent most of your days in the house itself, owing to the pandemic. You must consider going out with your mom or the entire family. You can go out shopping or have lunch in a restaurant while taking good care of the COVID-19 guidelines and safety measures. 
  • Try your hands at painting. It does not matter whether you guys have got those artistic abilities or not. You and your mom would surely love this activity. 
  • You may play board games with your mom. The fun part is that you can involve other members of your family too. 
  • How about a bonfire? Finish the day well with a small celebration during the night. You may light up a bonfire on the terrace, while you guys chit chat and have fun. 

Moms do not expect you to do a lot. When doing something for your mom, you don’t need to worry about going that extra mile because moms don’t want that. Moms are simple creatures with a pure heart who prefer simple gestures of love. Even if you plan nothing and come up with a last-minute gift for your mom, she will be glad to receive it. So if you have yet not been able to pick Gifts for mothers day, you can start making a greeting card for your mom. After all, handmade gifts seem to be extra special because of the effort that the person puts into them.