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A Technical Guide to Start Your Own Taxi Business after COVID-19 Using a Taxi Dispatch Solution

Start Your Own Taxi Business after COVID-19

The Taxi Business industry is one of the worst hits amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With people confined to their homes, the demand for taxis has dried up. Even during such a gloomy phase, on-demand Taxi companies play a crucial role in helping frontline workers and people in emergency conditions to move from one place to another. With COVID-19 occupying almost two quarters of the year, it’s time to carry on with our lives. The ‘new’ normal world awaits, and it is highly impossible to rule out taxis from day-to-day lives.

The role of Taxi Business is crucial in the post-COVID-19 era. The need for safety among people will fuel them to prefer private cabs over congested public transport. Reconstruction in the taxi market scenario is very much on the cards, and various giants of the sector are already experiencing a positive turnaround of events.

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If you’re an entrepreneur eyeing to set foot in this evergreen sector, this is the time to capitalize. Even well-established brands are starting from square one, and an extra push with regards to COVID-19 safety add-ons is all that it takes to gain a stronghold. In this blog, let’s look at the prospects of starting a taxi business using a highly reliable taxi dispatch solution post the pandemic.

A reliable taxi dispatch software can make it easier

Conducting manual dispatching in this digital era is pointless as customers prefer instant and reliable services. Even after having a team of experts, it is challenging to achieve the productivity of the dispatch software. Having a Taxi Business dispatch software comes with numerous benefits like,

  • Customers get details regarding their bookings in no time. The software connects drivers with passengers seamlessly.
  • Passengers get to track their vehicles in real-time. This way, they’ll get to know the ETA, avoiding waiting for taxis.
  • Customers can avoid payments with cash. The software provides multiple digital payment options, making transactions contact-free.
  • The admin has complete command over fleets by supervising them from a single place. Ensuring the safety of passengers is crucial for a taxi platform.

From the statistical point-of-view, the US market for online taxi services is growing steadily with a CAGR of 10.8%, reaching $31 billion by the end of this year.

Amid this pandemic situation where people prefer safer, time-conserving, and pocket-friendly rides, rolling out the best taxi app with a highly reliable dispatch software can help you top the charts instantly.

Focus on these vital points to gain instant traction

Connecting multiple pieces of a jigsaw is vital to visualize the bigger picture. There are crucial milestones in a taxi app development that needs the utmost attention from the entrepreneurs. Let’s discuss certain things to keep in mind while building a taxi app.

  • Market research can widen horizons: Analyzing what lies ahead in competition and revenue can make an entrepreneur better prepared for the battle. In the neck-to-neck competitive market, only the best get to survive. Analyzing the competitors’ disadvantages and transforming them as your strengths can turn the wind towards your taxi platform. Besides, market research also paves the way to get acquainted with customer expectations, leading to a customer-centric product.
  • Bring uniqueness to the table: No customer expects the replica of an existing app. Adding an element of individuality is a great way to draw user attention towards the app. The more your taxi app stands apart from the rest, the more the reception and the higher its revenue. From adding advanced feature-set to using the recent tech-stack, you needn’t invent anything. Innovation is the term that matters the most.
  • Focus on an MVP: One of the ideal ways to conserve time, energy, and budget is to focus and work towards an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). A product that has a minimum feature-set and functionality to carry out services is an MVP. As an entrepreneur, select your region of operation and establish the MVP. Identify customer reactions and update the app on those areas based on customer reviews. This way, you can achieve client satisfaction within a reasonable budget. Achieving quality isn’t tricky – keep it simple!
  • Take care of the legal procedures: A customer expects a hassle-free ride. Drivers are responsible for ensuring safety in the ecosystem. Conducting background checks for drivers and verifying their driving skills can make a massive impact on customer satisfaction. Similarly, ensuring whether vehicle registration and insurance covers are up-to-date and in tandem with national authority laws can help you avoid undesirable circumstances in the future.
  • Provide regular updates and evolve with the trend: Your role as an entrepreneur begins only after launching the app across various platforms. Gaining the customer base and retaining them is a skill – a skill that successful entrepreneurs gain mastery. Providing regular updates to users and modifying the app based on the people’s trends can enable a taxi app to sustain the market for an increased timeframe.

Integrate COVID-19 safety add-ons

As mentioned earlier, gaining user trustworthiness in these difficult circumstances can help a taxi app gain popularity in no time. With people expecting safety in a taxi app, integrating COVID-19 safety add-ons into an Uber clone app can make all the difference. Some of the safety strategies worth-considering include,

  • Restricting the passenger count to two or three, based on the location and government regulations.
  • Selfie screening of drivers before enabling them to provide services to customers.
  • A Go online checklist, involving a questionnaire for both customers and drivers before availing/providing services.
  • Safety ratings and reviews to keep service quality in check and removing people who do not follow standards from the community.
  • Waiving of the cancellation fee for both parties if they find the situation not safe.


Taxis have become an integral part of people’s lives. With nations worldwide relaxing lockdown norms and the situation returning to normalcy, a taxi app providing safe taxi rides can scale greater heights within the shortest possible time. An automated taxi dispatch software comes with numerous benefits like fleet management, real-time tracking, instant bookings, etc. With the world moving towards digitization, a taxi app can boost profits for a cab rental agency multifold.

Reach out to an expert app development company, implement these strategies, and launch a highly reliable taxi app!

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