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SAT Exam

Due to advancement in technology, there has been a rapid change in the field of education. Most of the educational institutes have moved online as people find it safe to believe that students could be guided through the course with the help of online lectures. The major change in this sector is because it has proved to be efficient, effective and a lot of time which was consumed by students to travel for coaching centers has been reduced. Getting admission to universities is done through specific eligibility requirements. Most of the universities come up with an entrance test which depends on courses that the student wishes to go for.

Having proper preparation material for these tests is very important. SAT is one such entrance exam which means Scholastic Assessment Test. This is a standardized test administered by the college and is pursued by students who seek admission in undergraduate schools. This is a standardized test but choosing the study material and best faculty could be a very hectic task for students. This is the reason coaching institutes have come up with adequate SAT prep guides that will help them to attend the lectures even through online modes.

This test has been widely used especially for the students who wish to apply for college admissions in the United States. The time limit to give the SAT exam is three hours. However, an extra 50 minutes are also provided to write an essay. The candidates could score between 400-1600.

A wide number of institutions and coaching centers have come up with their applications that have a well-experienced staff to guide the students. They have joined their hands with moving technology because it has proven to be much efficient and convenient for the students. Also, traveling to another city just for attending a few hours of lectures was proved to be very costly.

The Covid-19 situation has brought all of us working in our homes. So these educational institutions are not lacking behind, rather they have moved all of their classes online where a student sitting at their comfort of homes could play the lectures which are easily available all over the globe. Following is the structure of the SAT which explains much-needed information to prepare for the same. It is pertinent to note that SAT comprises four sections which are reading, writing, language, and Mathematics.

  • Reading section: This section comprises of 52 questions which the candidate is required to complete within 65 minutes. There are multiple-choice questions that are required to be answered after reading the passages.
  • Writing and language test: A total of 44 questions are required to be answered within a time frame of 35 minutes.
  • Mathematics: This test is for 80 minutes with 58 questions but the important thing to note is that there won’t be any usage of the calculator under a particular section which could be chosen on demand of the candidate.

To conclude the above discussion, preparation of these entrance tests requires proper dedication and devotion of time which is done with the help of these educational institutes. Enough preparation for the same is done by conducting quizzes, mock tests, and weekly tests at regular intervals.

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