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Reddit NFL Streams: Where to Watch Week 6 Games for Free After Reddit Blocked R / NFL Streams


Nov 15, 2020
Reddit NFL Streams:

If you’ve relied on Reddit before to find NFL shows, you’re out of luck. So why did Reddit ban r / NFL streams and what are the best alternatives?

Reddit NFL Streams: The league has reported an unfortunate number of Covid cases in several teams this week. However, the 6th week will go according to plan and will offer fans some blockbusters.

The obvious game is the Buccaneers Packers ash from Tampa. It may be the last time we see Brady and Rogers go head to head, all perfectly prepared for an offensive shot.

In AFC, we will see a rivalry between the Titans-Texans and the Browns-Steelers. The last meeting turned out to be dramatic last year, when Miles Garrett tried to hit Mason Rudolph in front of a helmet.

The bosses will take part in the bills on Monday after their TNF game was delayed. Both teams are 4-1 and suffered their first losses last week, so they are definitely looking forward to getting back on track.

The game will be broadcast on CBS or Fox almost every Sunday of this week, except for the SNF game which will be broadcast on NBC. The Cowboys-Cardinals MNF will play on ESPN as usual, but the Chiefs-Bills will be waiting on Fox and the NFL Network.

If you don’t have a cable, you may be concerned about skipping the action now that Reddit has banned r / NFL streams. Read on to find out why NFL Reddit feeds have been banned and what the best alternatives are.

Why have Reddit NFL Streams been banned?

The r / NFL streams subreddit has been one of the most valuable resources for NFL fans around the world. Links, which were largely reliable, were posted for every NFL game.

Fans were also pampered for the choice, as it could follow the NFL Redzone and NFL Network. And the best thing about all this is that the flows were completely free. No payment, no account, just a link with a few pop-ups here and there.

However, the free trip ended when Reddit blocked the page. So why did Reddit ban one of its most popular pages?

The short answer to this question is that subreddit was technically illegal. If you look at other sports, you probably weren’t too surprised to see such a decision on Reddit. The NBA and Soccer streaming pages were recently closed.

The main problem is that posting free links is a clear case of copyright infringement, and leagues have begun to take notice. Interestingly, Reddit was never forced to ban subreddits but chose to do so in accordance with its own rebalancing policy.

The policy provides:

Our policy is to close the accounts of users who have been repeatedly accused of copyright infringement in appropriate circumstances. Sometimes the problem of violation is limited to one user and we only close their account. In other cases, the problem affects the entire subreddit community and we close the subreddits.

What is the best way to play free NFL games?

Of course, there are very few truly free ways to watch the NFL for free. One of the best ways is to use Yahoo! Sports application. Users can stream games for free on their phones or tablets.

It also includes MNF and TNF games. However, fans can only watch games that are broadcast on their local television market. The official NFL app also works in a similar way.

Please note that this is an option to stream local games and is not available to fans outside the US.

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