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There are a lot of men and women out there who have the problem of hair loss and the finest way to stop hair loss is to use the best hair loss shampoo available in the market. There are many hair care products available in the market, which give stronger and longer hair in very less time.

You should be looking for shampoos that have the following things:

Try to use an organic and natural shampoo. It should contain ginkgo Biloba, grape seed extracts, and many vitamins.

Another important thing that can make your hair strong is ginseng. Any hair care product that contains ginseng should be on your shelf. Such shampoos are less expensive and have way more benefits.


The main reason for hair loss in women and men is because of dihydrotestosterone or DHT. Now that the cause of hair loss is known by the hair experts, now it’s time to find out how to reverse or correct the problem.

DHT blocking shampoo available in the market place is used for blocking DHT in the pores & decreases the production of enzyme. You can also use collagen peptides to improve your hair growth and make it strong.

These DHT blocking shampoos are not only used to encourage hair growth but also for blocking DHT. DHT is said to be the finest hair care product accessible these days.


Is there a painless way to get rid of unwanted hair permanently? Yes, there is.

From plucking, depilatory creams to epilation, women the world over have tried just about everything to eliminate unwanted hair. Today, the latest trends and advancements in science have given women new hope in addressing this problem–a procedure known as Thermolysis.

Although thermolysis is just one of the many procedures which include waxing, laser epilation, and electrolysis, the process is still a better choice due to its advantages.

For one, waxing is a lifelong session and is not permanent. Like electrolysis, it is also considered painful. And as far as technology is concerned, laser epilation is too expensive and causes either hypo or hyperpigmentation. In some cases, there is blistering or crusting of the affected area and is also painful. There is also a higher risk of retinopathy to the patient and the doctor.


Thermolysis, on the other hand, is a procedure that applies a short wave, the high-frequency alternating current that destroys the hair at the roots. Unlike electrolysis, thermolysis removes hair without the use of a needle. Applied to the hair for seconds, the pulses penetrate the hair follicles causing cellular decomposition of the root itself. In seconds, hair slides out easily. It is safe to apply even in sensitive areas. Common areas being treated are the bikini line, eyebrows, legs, and underarms. Furthermore, the procedure is painless and permanent.

Thermolysis involves the application of anesthetic creams to the areas where hair needs to be removed. The procedure is done 30 to 45 minutes after. Once treated, patients are instructed not to wet the areas for 3 days and a topical antibacterial is prescribed.

The treatment usually requires several visits before achieving 100 percent hair removal. This is due to the hair’s growth cycle. Hair doesn’t grow simultaneously. The first treatment could remove some of the hair at the roots, but those in the resting stage would still require another treatment.

Can you imagine yourself with smooth, clear skin, free of unwanted hair without having to undergo the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentations or scarring? The side effects often posed by waxing, plucking, and shaving are visibly eliminated with Thermolysis. There’s practically no pain, no mess, no discomfort. It’s fast and most importantly, permanent. With Thermolysis, you have a better option of removing unwanted hair painlessly and permanently. When it’s done, it’s done!


These are some basic things that you should know about your hair. Apart from all the things that are mentioned above, In order to prevent hair fall, you should also follow a good diet. Consuming collagen and protein-rich foods are very important. Hydrolyzed collagen, bone broth, and nuts are some of the foods that are rich in these nutrients. All you have to do is follow a diet of your choice that should be healthy.

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