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Prepare The Scrumptious Pizza Dough At Home With Italian 00 Flour!

Italian 00 flour

Considered as the must-have for pasta and pizza dough, Italian 00 flour is the finely ground Italian 00 flour. It is also referred to as doppio zero flour and is essential for most Italian dishes such as Pizza dough or fresh pasta. However, the difference between all-purpose flour and Italian 0-0 flour is the gluten that behaves differently in both of them. W10 in 00 flour tends to be strong and elastic, which gets you a nice bite on bread and pasta. That is why 00 flour is combined with pizza dough to have a chewy and crispy crust. Your recipe will come out differently in terms of texture when you replace your all-purpose flour with Italian 00 flour. Hence you must know its various benefits and why it is worth keeping it stocked in your pantry before purchasing it.

Is Italian 00 flour high in protein?

It can be a bit expensive because the finely ground Italian pizza flour has low protein content, similar to all-purpose white flour. However, It depends on the variety of wheat used as the contents may include soft wheat or hard wheat. The gluten found by Italian 00 is very strong, as a result, the baked goods have a strong structure and bites, and you do not get the prolonged chew as in all-purpose flour.

How is Italian 00 flour different from all-purpose flour?

Although all-purpose flour and Italian 00 flour have almost the same protein content, the finished baked goods have different textures and finish when baked with both of these flours differently. All-purpose flour can be substituted with 00 flour to make a homemade cake, pizza base, pasta, etc., but to make them a little chewier, you can switch to all-purpose flour.

The Italian 00 flour is renowned for making pizza because it gives you a crispy crust with many big airy pockets. Therefore, you won’t end up with sore jaws after having a few slices. That makes the pizza crust less chew, and it is ideal for making your homemade Pasta Dough quickly. You can readily buy Italian 00 from an online grocery store and make your own fresh pizza crust. You won’t regret saving a few pennies and preparing snacks for your kids fresh and hot at home.

What does “00” mean?

In various countries where flours are categorized based on how much protein content they have. Whereas in other European countries, they are classified on how finely ground the flour is and how much bran has been removed. The various flours are numbered as 2, 1, 0, and 00. The type “2” is the coarsest grind, thus having the most germ and bran. The “00”, also referred to as doppio zero flour, is the most refined one. The texture of Italian 00 flour is remarkably silky soft similar to a refined baby powder. It is also considered the gold standard used by the reputed chefs to prepare the “perfect” pizza. The flour for pasta and pizza creates a silkier dough and maintains a chewy texture when the pasta is cooked.

Different types of flour yield different pizzas, thus if you are planning to make pizza at home, go for the Italian 00 flour to make the pizza crust as delicious as your favourite pizza outlet!

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