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Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan – an ideal destination for many tourists worldwide

Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet is a city of Binh Thuan province in Vietnam and is also an ideal destination for many tourists worldwide. Thanks to the beautiful sunsets, fanciful landscapes to sparkling beaches, and peaceful fishing villages, this place has attracted many tourists around the world. Coming here tourists could spend days lazing on the endless sandy beaches, playing fun water sports, enjoying delicious fresh seafood, and golfing.  So if you have a chance to visit Phan Thiet, there are 3 must-see destinations below:

1. Ke Ga Lighthouse

The first place that you should not miss is “Ke Ga” Lighthouse. The reason for its name is that the lighthouse is situated on a promontory 500m with its shape like a chicken. The lighthouse’s height is about 64m above the sea level and is considered as the highest lighthouse in Southeast Asia with 200 spiral stairs. Once standing at the Kenh Ga Lighthouse, tourists will truly enjoy unforgettable feelings. Just about 30 km south of Phan Thiet, along the beach and on a small island, Ke Ga Lighthouse is an impressive stretch of beach with strikingly intricated and colorful formations along the shore.

If you look far enough, you will see Ke Ga Lighthouse with strong posture soaring in the blue sky displays its position among the wonderful scenery of the turquoise sea water lacing with blue of clouds and sky. The white of the sandy shores, blue of the casuarina groves, and white-pink granite cliffs make the place an indescribable charm, pristine and peaceful beauty.

                                     Ke Ga Lighthouse

2.White Sand Dunes or Bau Trang (White Lake)

 As one of the only desert areas in Southeast Asia, it’s a favorite spot for unique photo opportunities, sand-sledding, and ATV rides.

Coming here you will be impressed by the desert with vast sand dunes covering most of the land. As you climb up on sandhills, the gigantic lakes will come into view. The lakes are brightly lit under the radiant sun, sparkling like they are made of a thousand diamonds. A large part of the water surface is covered by clusters of lotuses. The soft pink tone of the flowers, mixing with the lush green shade of the leaves and the translucent blue color of the water create a scenic, mesmerizing landscape.

One of the most popular interesting activities at Bau Trang is Jeep car. Because of the sandy terrain, Jeeps are an ideal choice for travelers or you can try the terrain bikes if you like thrill-seekers. Sitting on a terrain motorbike, crossing the vast sandy hills, you will feel the heat of Bau Trang sand dunes, enjoy the rare breeze and immerse in the natural space.

                       White Sand Dunes or Bau Trang (White Lake)

3.The Breathtaking Red Sand Dunes

Mui Ne Red Sand Dunes is located in the North of Mui Ne Village, about 20 km from Phan Thiet City. The Red Dunes, as the name suggests, these dunes are of a rusty red/brown color. The best time you can enjoy this all of this beauty when watch sunset comes, the color of the sun bending with the red color of sand which will radiate an intense fiery red, allowing you to capture dramatic moments on film. If you have a chance to hike on these sand dunes, you will feel like you are walking enormous deserts in the Middle East or Africa. There are a variety of activities to relax in these sand hills such as climbing to the top of the hill and then sitting on a thin plank to freely slide down to the hill’s foot. This will bring tourists a feeling as if you were flying. The higher sandhills are, the more amazing you feel.

                                 Red Sand Dunes 

Experiencing in Red Sand Dunes is one of the unforgettable memories in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet. If you intend to visit Vietnam the following list will help you prepare some important things first:

–           Passport and photos

–           Vietnam visa, even you forget to apply for a visa, you still can get an urgent Vietnam visa at the airport before your flight depart.  

–           Cash

–           Flight ticket, a tour through the reliable agency.

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