Online child safety a practical guide for parents

Child safety:The guide includes practical tips for using security and privacy features in apps and platforms, as well as conversation tips to help families start a conversation about online safety. It also contains guidance for additional advice and assistance.

child safety and guide for parents

In the context of this pandemic, it is very difficult for parents to send their children to any educational or study institution. Because during this pandemic, students cannot go to school to continue their studies, and their studies suffer too much. And parents are worried about their education.

 Therefore, the government decides to start online courses for students so that their time is not wasted and their learning continues without problems. And by order of the government, the school is starting to organize online lessons for students. In online classrooms, teachers teach students about their subject and curriculum. In online classrooms, it is often felt that students cannot understand the subject the teacher is teaching.

 Teachers continue to teach students and do not dispel doubts about students that irritate them. To prevent this, parents start classes with children in the lido. At beach holidays, their children learn easily and understand everything. By teaching Lido, students can clarify their understanding of the subject and expand their knowledge. While students take online lessons, parents can also take part in lessons so that they can follow their children’s activities.

Guideline About online system for parents

To learn more about the app and how teachers are taught, parents can open the Lido link on their device and learn about them. With the Lido learning app, parents can relieve the stress that their children are on the right track to learning new things. And don’t go the wrong way. Parents can also see their children’s progress report on the app.

They can also add their number and email address to the account they create in the Lido app and receive every detail about their children’s learning records, how they are progressing, and what topics are weak. It is very helpful for parents to know about their children and also helps them to know and understand things.

During online courses, some people/companies add ads that are corrupted by a virus, and if children access the ad/link, it is very harmful to you because the ad is corrupted by the virus and also damages the device you are a student on. who studies and breaks the system. And you lost all the data on your device, for which you will have to pay a large amount in different ways.

So always stay with your kids during online lessons so they don’t do anything you have to pay for. And you also know about how these types of viruses or cybercrimes end up in their place, destroying everything in your system or stealing all the data from your system. By staying with your children while you are online, you can protect your data, as well as your children, from these cybercrimes. This way, your child will feel safe and protected. So keep an eye on your child activities.

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