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A Unique On-demand Services App That Serves All On-demand Services Using a Gojek clone solution

A Unique On-demand Services App That Serves All

On-demand apps – the term entrepreneurs from different walks of life wish to invest upon following the COVID-19 outbreak. The ideology behind on-demand apps is leveraging the online medium to bridge the gap between suppliers and customers. The app takes care of everything, right from product search to transacting payments.

Any aspiring business person who wishes to set foot in this segment will be familiar with Gojek, a ride-hailing app that later transformed into a multi-service platform. Gojek’s success was imperative in every aspect, paving the way for a new business model – the multi-service model.

If you’re ready with your budget and market research, you needn’t have an iota of doubt about investing in this business segment. If you’re looking for a clear overview of this multi-service business opportunity, you have come to the right place. We’ll discuss how to launch an on-demand app providing multiple services by reducing the budget and time for development significantly.

The role of an on-demand app for your business

A majority of businesses will prefer a centralized approach, wherein business owners watch over the entire process, establishing a connection between service providers and customers. Having a supervisor or any manual labor to take care of the business leads to a dip in productivity and reduced customer satisfaction.

Automating the process is the only way-out. The on-demand app acts as a centralized hub for information, communication, payment, and many other purposes, and carries them out seamlessly. With people’s increased reliability towards smartphones, it is high time businesses adapt to the on-demand model rather than running the risk of losing potential customers.

Gojek and its rise to prominence

Gojek, an Indonesian startup, initially started to provide two-wheeler ride-hailing services to consumers. As time flew by, Gojek spread its wings across the courier delivery sector.

Gradually, seeing the massive reception among the audience, the startup began to provide four services – ride-hailing, food delivery, eCommerce, and courier delivery.

Gojek eyed on transforming into a Super app. It currently offers more than 20 services, embarking on its arrival into the unexplored multi-service app sector.

Choosing the right app development technique

The success mantra of an entrepreneur is simple – have a unique idea and give it a shape to conduct business. It is this process of giving shape that many entrepreneurs fail to deliver. They either run out of funds or do not have a clear vision about the end-product. The first step in building a multi-service app empire is to choose your app development technique. The two popular methods include,

  • Building from scratch: If you wish to produce a substantially new product without any reference or underlying concept, you need to develop the app from scratch. The entire process is tiring, time-consuming, and incurs a hefty budget.
  • Customizing readymade clone apps: If you’re the one venturing into the field with a restricted budget, these clone app solutions are your best bet. All you have to do is reach out to clone app development companies, customize their Gojek app clone, and launch it right away.

With an increasing tendency of entrepreneurs to conserve their budget, the latter technique is the best-suited for various budding startups worldwide.

Things to focus on your multi-service on-demand app

Now that you have decided on your development technique, are you ready with the type of services that you’re going to integrate into the platform? Analyzing your market before providing services is crucial to ensure ROI and popularity. A best-in-class Gojek clone app can encompass more than 60 services in it. We’ll broadly prioritize services and categorize them for better understanding.

  • Ride-hailing services: Be it the regular car rides or carpooling or even two-wheeler services, ensure that the app provides customers a variety of options to choose from. This way, the app can satisfy customers looking for services from different perspectives.
  • Delivery services: You needn’t have any second invitation to implement delivery services into your platform. With the exponential rise of delivery services amid COVID-19, ensure that the app includes deliveries for food, groceries, medicines, alcohol, courier, flower, medical cannabis, etc.
  • Digital payment services: With the role of smartphones and the Internet becoming inevitable, enabling users to pay bills via the multi-service app is an ideal way to boost customer engagements. 
  • Other on-demand services: Besides the above three categories, there are several services like home services, beauty services, etc. With the luxury of integrating more than 50 services, do not miss out on adding locality-specific on-demand services.

The Gojek clone comes with lucrative benefits

Any on-demand app with benefits will grow in numbers both in terms of popularity and revenue. Some of the enticing benefits of numerous stakeholders include,

  • Customer convenience reaches a whole new level as they can access numerous on-demand services simultaneously.
  • Customers have more control over orders, eliminating the necessity to switch between different apps.
  • Service providers can boost their visibility as the app has a widened customer base.
  • The platform owner can generate revenue from various sources including commission fees, subscriptions, in-app ads, delivery charges, etc.


Multi-service apps like Gojek, Grab, etc., have already displayed the potential and vastness of the market. Entrepreneurs venturing into the on-demand app sector can enhance their chances of success with an on-demand Super app.

The golden rule for success in the on-demand app industry is simple – choose the right development style, provide services based on customers’ demands, and offer enticing benefits to all stakeholders.

Reach out to an app development company, share them with your visions, and launch your top-notch Gojek clone app in no time.

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