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Moving Home the Stress-Free Way


Jul 22, 2021 , ,

Moving home can be incredibly stressful, especially if you have to move in a short space of time. Packing up all of your home, your possessions, and your worldly goods into boxes and bags and then transporting them to another location, perhaps another state, can leave even the strongest of people feeling weak and stressed. So, how can you handle moving home better, and how can you do it in a way that is calm and ideally stress-free.


Organize Your Removals Well in Advance

As soon as you are aware that you are moving, you need to start organizing and planning what you are doing and by when. House moves can be completed in short time frames if you are organized and efficient. If you are going down the route of using professional movers, you need to book them as far as you can in advance as the good ones get booked up well in advance, and if you cannot get the one you want, you will need to find a suitable replacement, and quickly.


TOP TIP: Where you can try breaking up your removal over a number of days as this will make the whole process feel that lot more bearable and manageable.


Pack Your Items and Create an Itinerary

Whether you move yourself or you get professionals to help, it is always beneficial to try and pack as and where you can. You feel more in control of what is going on when you participate and the packing, and when you know what is going to every bag and box, you can then create an itinerary that will allow you to locate items of necessity quickly as easily. Simply write it out on a bit of paper or go fancy and make a whole spreadsheet. 


Purchase Essential Items For Comfort and Ease

When you move and you sort out your possessions and items, you will realize that you will not want to keep everything, and this is a good time to invest in some new items. When you first move in, you will need access to comfort, so it is important to buy a few essentials that can easily and readily be used; after all, who wants to be unpacking lots of items after a move. From the foam bean bag from fom bag that gives you an instant place to sit and unwind to the easy to inflate air bed, these are items that can help you get settled and get in a new routine in your new place.


Have Essentials and Must Haves Readily Available

This includes those everyday items such as the kettle, toaster, and some groceries, not forgetting a few outfits, and shower gel or soap to use in the bath or shower. Having a go-to kit ready to go and ready to use will help you feel more relaxed and settled in your home. Then, rather than worrying about being able to enjoy your first night in your home, you can feel well prepared and ready to soak in that new-home feeling. 


TOP TIP: Create a kit that will cover your first few days within your new home and this way you will not have the stress of finding what you need amongst the mountain of boxes and bags.

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