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Manual vs Online Flight Booking:

With the influx of modern devices and websites, more and more people are resorting to online shopping, booking, and so on. Similarly, those who need to travel are also resorting to booking airline tickets online instead of going to the airport. But is it really safe? In Manual transactions provide more satisfaction, online booking can reduce unnecessary stress. Read on to see the good and the bad.

Quicker Payment:

Forget long lines and waits. Online booking gives you the advantage of a quicker payment. Instead of going to several clerks for separate payments, waiting in lines, finding the respective counter, and then asking the amount, you can simply go to the airline’s website and check the prices and transfer the payment easily. Plus, you’ll receive an instant receipt unlike in most in-person transactions where the machine might have technical issues. Simply go to their online portal, select your preferred locations such as Lahore to Karachi flights and they’ll provide all necessary details.


Now we all know the apprehensive feeling when we have to carry too much cash or even a credit card in our pockets in crowded places. There’s always a chance of some accident or subtle theft. But if you book your tickets online after searching for Lahore to Karachi flights ticket price or whatever your desired destination is, there’s a guarantee that your payment will go straight to its proper place.

No people:

If you’re an introvert or have social anxiety, this is the biggest advantage online booking can provide you. There is not a single person you’ll need to talk to, have awkward interactions with or accidentally bump into. Moreover, you won’t have to bear the noise caused by loud people and children, weird stares and any other embarrassing situation.

Limited Options:

An important point to note here is that the airline’s website must be up-to-date. If the website is old and hasn’t been edited properly, you might end up in a vortex and won’t be able to get out for a long time. You might receive out-dated information, prices, and timings. What’s worse, if you’re skeptical about giving some private information, there is no other way, because of the online requirements.┬áManual vs Online Flight Booking.

Poor Verification:

Manual booking gives you verified, printed and stamped receipts and documents which online booking does not provide, at least not in the same manner. You won’t have the same satisfaction given by a signed piece of paper, rather everything will be electronic in most cases.

No Customisation:

Some websites attract people through their rates, but provide low flexibility in case of last-minute changes. Moreover, if you or anyone you know has a personal or health related problem, they can easily talk to the airline employees and ask for a compensation which could be a seat next to the window or medical supplies, in offline booking. All of these options are usually unavailable online where the customer has to choose from a pre-prepared list.

Some Advice:

For Lahore to Karachi flights booking, make sure to check the website reviews and last update time. Also see the deadlines, available options, and payment method. If you have any questions, whether they’re related to the verification or customisation, contact the airline via the customer service chat option or call them. Set alarms beforehand for each flight. Consider discount packages if available.

All in all, Online Flight booking can be a good experience if you proceed with care and caution, but it doesn’t necessarily replace manual. What do you prefer? Manual vs Online Flight Booking? Let us know in the comments below.

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