Major Benefits of Using A Hair Serum

A Hair Serum

A hair serum is a rubber-like solution that is made with a base of silicone. It coats the surface of your hair with a layer by settling on the top of your strands. Nowadays, a variety of hair serums are available, each having different purposes and uses. Depending on its ingredients, a hair serum might add shine, reduce frizz, help to straighten your hair, or protect your strands from getting damaged. Below enlisted are some valuable ways of using a hair serum that can be beneficial for your hair.


  • Control’s frizz

After shampooing your hair, you may have noticed that your hair turns frizzy and messy. Applying a suitable hair serum might help you get a shiny look. Hair serums add weight to the hair strands giving them more substance. Hence, no longer your hair looks dry or frizzy. One of the components of the best hair serums is hydrated proteins which oppose the static charge responsible for causing flyaways and frizzes.

  • Increases hair smoothness

When you apply hair serum to your frizzled hair, it becomes smooth and shiny. The serum renders a glowing effect to your hair, making it look soft, dense, and thick. The silicone present in the hair serum makes your hair strands look polished and sleek.

  • Reduces tangles

When your hair is smoothened, it gets rid of all knots and tangles. By detangling your hair, the hair serum makes combing and styling easier. It also makes your hair easily manageable.

  • Enhances straightness or curls

Hair can be of several kinds. Some people have wavy hair while others have straight hair. Similarly, some have oily hair and a few people have dry hair. There are different kinds of hair serums available for different hair types. For instance, if you apply a serum specially designed for curly hair, you will notice your hair becoming bouncy after applying.


  • Protects against damage


By coating your hair strands, the hair serum protects them from damage. If you are looking forward to straightening your hair with a hair straightener, consider applying the serum first and then straightening as this will prevent the heat from damaging your hair strands.


How to use a hair serum

Follow the steps to know how to properly apply a hair serum:


  • Apply it to clean and damp hair.
  • Take two drops of the serum in your palms and gently massage the surface of your hair for 5 seconds approximately.
  • Apply the serum mainly from the middle to the end of your strands. Spread the product evenly with your hands. Avoid applying it to the roots.
  • Remember to be gentle while applying. Don’t pull your hair as it might break the strand or cause hair to fall.
  • After you are done applying, take a comb and brush your hair to evenly distribute the serum.


The key to getting the best results after applying a serum is to know your hair type and apply the appropriate product that’s specially formulated for your hair type. Look into the ingredients before buying and inquire about the serum’s function.