Is the Latest Madden NFL 21 a new game or just an expensive update of its predecessor?

Madden NFL 21


The developers of Madden NFL have always faced a significant problem: to transfer sports to the screen as realistically as possible and to ensure that entertainment is also fun. Therefore, every motion simulation contains some compelling arcade elements, sometimes directly in the controls and sometimes indirectly by adjusting the sequence of motions or the speed of the game. This is also evident in Madden NFL 21, the latest EA Sports American football series. Plans for the current branch: Football must feel more realistic, but there is a separate arcade mode as a new draft.

Madden NFL 21 is consistent. This is the bane and blessing of America’s most popular sports game series, and it can also inspire more and more fans in the United States. Every year, gamers ask themselves the same question: Is the latest Madden NFL a new game or just an expensive update of its predecessor?

Sometimes it isn’t easy to find the answer. Madden NFL 21 is both a new game and an update. The core element of motion simulation always exists-high level. This is good news for all fans who are worried that developers will reduce gameplay and prefer beginners. Not so, not necessary, because different skills and game settings allow you to create the Madden experience in your way: simulation or playing arcade games? Easy or challenging? The Kansas City Chiefs or the Miami Dolphins?

Yes, the team’s choice again made a big difference in difficulty. Last but not least, this is due to the skill system EA Sports named X-Factor. This is a system designed to highlight the unique skills of certain superstars. It sounds like an action version of American football, but from a simulation point of view, it has the right to exist, and: for Madden NFL, this is a fortune-again this year. The super skills of athletes should reflect their natural athletic ability, thereby transforming their virtual selves into outstanding professional players. This is very effective and is the focus of Madden NFL 21. Then activated dozens of new skills

A cool trick to show how certain influential players are actually. It’s funny when Patrick Mahomes can suddenly pass not only long passes but also super long passes, or Lamar Jackson’s quarterback battle makes Lamar Jackson almost impeccable. It brings a great game situation-but sometimes feels too powerful. However, X-factor movement ensures increased immersion. You will almost feel like you have worn the MVP shoes, and you can understand where the passion for American football comes from. The skills of superstars can celebrate the sport, make them confused, create unique moments, and even change the game. EA Sports’s attention to the system is a wise decision.

Backyard football is Madden’s flagship.

The focus of Madden NFL 21 is mainly on two game modes: Superstar Knockout (which became part of Madden NFL 20 after its release) and The Yard. The Superstar Elimination Tournament is designed based on the classic online duel, with a sudden death system-a fast and short game with a specially designed team-The Yard is a new highlight of Madden NFL this year. This model can be used to play football games in the garden, backyard, or in front of fans’ homes-in fact, it is equivalent to American street football. In the final analysis, the yard is the Volta of the Madden series: small space, few players, many overviews, and special rules. Everything is for action and entertainment, not tactics and strategy. The whole concept is also related to Madden Mobile, the mobile branch of the Madden NFL series.

Then, two teams of six players each stand on the court. There is no time limit but a game of points. Besides, each team has a certain number of ups and downs, punts, or kicks. You can also perform several other operations-including forward passes to the back of the face line. Of course, superstars can also use their skills in this mode. This makes The Yard an incredible entertainment experience. After all, this mode provides a new life for the seemingly dusty Madden series. Challengers waited for the athletes’ challenges on the game boards in different yards time and time again. The yard is a welcome change of traditional games, in which clock management and game planning are more critical, and penalties repeatedly interrupt the game process. The new model is intended to supplement, and the concept is compelling, perhaps because it is far from the strict regulations of the NFL.

Except for the new model, Maden NFL 21 plays the same way as in previous years. Although the adjustments to tackles or rushes are minor, they are at least worth noting. In detail, the controls feel more intuitive and can react more precisely to the game situation as needed. In the previous version, the speed was relatively slow. Madden NFL 21 just provided more direct gameplay.

There are noticeable changes in the way the transmission or user interface is displayed. In general, these are just marginal phenomena: the core of Madden NFL 21 is Madden NFL 20, which has been updated in detail. Is that bad? No, because the predecessor was a successful attempt and breathed new life into the series. With Maden NFL 21, EA Sports can now rely on more intensive gameplay directly on the court: there is more aggressive gameplay, but most importantly, passing the first aid option ultimately allows players to defend instead of fighting alone actively. I hope to have a good pass or interception to turn the ball. Of course, it is still worth mentioning that if you want to take defensive actions successfully, the personal values of the players on the battlefield are also fundamental.

Live Playbooks 2.0 is also expected to have a tactical impact. That is, it should integrate the actions in the actual league into the game. As this season is about to start, the innovation has not yet attracted attention. The concept behind it sounds excellent and rich.

There are enough choices on the entertainment level: there are exhibition competitions online and offline, and you can choose to participate in the professional bowl competition; training and the mandatory Madden ultimate team mode, in which you can complete the challenge or online The game is used to earn MUT Coins, and the money is invested in the player package-of course, real money can also be used again. Overall, there is no innovation. 

Including International Stadium

Madden NFL jumped 21 branches internationally. Professional leagues have long been open to global audiences, and now you can see this in video games. Finally, include the International Series stadium: the game can be played at the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium or London’s Wembley Stadium, or the Aztec Stadium in Mexico City. But this should not be on the field. Madden NFL 21 also offers two new arenas in Los Angeles, SoFi Stadium in Inglewood and Allegiant Stadium, the Las Vegas Raiders’ home.

There is almost no change for the time being. At present, because Madden NFL 21 has not yet moved towards the next-generation Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles. It is speculated that the optical system will be significantly upgraded, and the changes can be felt through play. It remains to be seen whether the gameplay will change if the Madden NFL overcomes the next generation of obstacles-it is unclear.

Madden NFL 21 provides an excellent overall package, which contains various game modes and some innovative features. However, EA Sports as a whole still focuses on details and improvements, although it is sometimes apparent. The gameplay on the lawn has improved significantly, but the developers of EA Tiburon have not changed its framework, and Ultimate Mode and Franchise Mode-it can even be said that it has been ignored. I feel a lot this year. This does not apply to story mode.

Anyone who started the Franchise Face (by the way, you should save it directly in the Cloud Alliance to be able to transfer scores when the next generation of game consoles appear), a successful career story in which heartbroken The two protagonists are the center of the story. As always, celebrities also appeared on the scene, including rapper Snoop Dogg. The story mode is generally more complicated than the long-shot mode of the previous generation-the story is also more engaging. Besides, you don’t play positions constantly but can be quarterback, catcher, or guard. This will not automatically give people a pre-determined feeling on the road to becoming the franchise face of a professional league. There are minor incidents outside of the grass everywhere: interviews or conversations with team members-there is even an opportunity to refine your statistics. This model is almost mandatory: throughout history, there is still a lot of kitsch. You don’t have to like that, but you don’t have to be angry about it.

in conclusion

This is again the current discussion about the most expensive team update of the year. At Madden NFL 21, you can argue whether the investment is worth the money-but this year. You have to consider that you can also upgrade to the next-generation version for free. The current generation of players may not be interested in this, and they hope that the series can be further developed.

If you look closely, EA Tiburon can do the same: on the court, everything becomes more precise, especially now that you have to play a defensive role because you can influence the game as a player, so it becomes more interesting. Put pressure on the offence? Go with! Bring sandals to the screen? Go with! Decided to play against the D line? Also, a possibility!

This shows how valuable even small changes can be. However, if you only look at the big picture, then Madden NFL 21 will see Madden NFL 20, which has all the advantages and disadvantages of the previous year. In sports, people must slowly ask themselves what major adjustments can still be expected. Not that much-at least from the perspective of Madden NFL simulation. Of course, EA Tiburon can put more love in the ultimate team model in the future, or update the franchise model, or even put more work in the story mode-but the latter has become more concentrated this year.

The atmosphere of the virtual stadium is also better: on defence! Driven by shouting, you mobilized your last reserve area, just before your finish area, before the competition entered. The small-scale preliminary round once again improved the game and showed successful moves or key scenes were also inspired. Those long-term fans who still have the last five Madden branches on the shelf can always consider whether they must again buy Madden NFL 21 to get the roster update. However, long-term fans also love the NFL-it is these fans who have reduced some of the game options to the games you want to own. Finally, Madden NFL 21 is also an excellent game-it is unparalleled in American football anyway.

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