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Is a 6GB RAM Phone Enough For Optimum Performance?


May 10, 2021 ,

Of late, the market demand for 6GB RAM mobile phones exceeds that of the 4 GB RAM smartphones. Mobile giants like Samsung, OnePlus, Asus, realme are also rolling out their 8 GB RAM models owing to the growing customer demand for increased RAM capacity. Apart from higher RAM, these smartphones are also equipped with high storage capacities.

Ideally, a 4GB RAM is good for launching various apps and switching from one app to the other without any device lag, 6GB RAM mobiles are best suited for gaming-oriented devices. While the hype for 8GB RAM devices is on the rise, the associated price tag of such smartphones can make them challenging to afford. Presently, 6GB RAM mobile phones can ensure optimal performance.

  • Why 6GB RAM mobile phones are best for optimum performance?

Performance level:

While higher RAM equals increased phone efficiency, the processing power rests squarely on a phone’s CPU. Thus, a high RAM capacity with a mediocre processor does not help. Hence, a 6GB RAM mobile coupled with a powerful processor is comparable to owning an 8GB RAM smartphone.

Price of smartphones increase with increasing RAM sizes:

Smartphones with high-capacity RAM will cost more than lower-capacity ones. This is primarily because the user experience with a 6GB RAM mobile phone is more consistent than those with 2GB and 3GB RAM options. Most smartphones with 6GB RAM are highly configured. Best phone under 25000 includes Mi 10i, Samsung Galaxy M51, realme X7, and realme X3, each sporting 6GB RAM.

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Increased multitasking:

With 6GB RAM mobile, multitasking becomes simpler and more manageable. For people who like to keep switching between multiple apps simultaneously, this particular RAM capacity is more than sufficient.

  • Does more RAM adversely affect a smartphone’s battery?

Higher RAM indicates how many apps can run simultaneously without affecting the loading time for each. The OS decides which app to kill in the background, depending on its usage frequency. While a 1GB RAM is good enough for running system files and apps, it is not ideal for multitasking.

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Having more RAM boosts the smartphone’s robust performance and gaming efficiency. But the common myth that higher RAM adversely affects a smartphone’s battery is untrue. Battery life is not hampered based the memory. Such factors have led to the massive popularity of 6GB RAM mobile phones.

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In this digital era, almost every individual is a smartphone user. If the basic task is to click photos, use social networking sites, gaming purposes, listen to music apart from the texting and calling option, 6GB RAM mobile phones are ideal. Opting for anything higher than may lead to unnecessary expenditure without any sizable gains in performance.

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