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Information about TOTO

Information about TOTO

Of course you want to be able to fully concentrate on your bets. This only works if the website works well and all information is easy to find. The TOTO website is really designed with you as a user in mind. The result is a clear website that you can navigate through quickly and easily. Moreover, you arrange all practical matters in one fixed place: My TOTO.

My TOTO is the place to be for depositing money or requesting a withdrawal. And if you have a new address or a new account number, you can change it just as quickly via My TOTO. The website in the well-known green and white corporate identity of TOTO has now also been given a mobile version. If you want to have access to the many bets anytime, anywhere, you can go to the mobile website or download the app. If you choose a download, you immediately benefit from the handy push messages. You will receive a notification when a goal is scored in ‘your football match’ or when that one important tennis match has ended. The TOTO App is available for both Android and iOS.

TOTO goes for low deposit and betting limits

At TOTO it does not matter whether you like football, golf, cycling or car racing. There is a sports fan in (almost) everyone, and that is all that matters. Yet not everyone has the same amount of money to bet on the many matches. That is why the bookmaker works with extra low limits. So even with a small betting budget you can feel the tension that sports betting brings. A limit of 5 euros applies to both deposits and withdrawals. This is lower than with many other bookmakers, where a payout of at least 20 euros, for example, is no exception. Have you deposited money and are you ready for a bet? Then it is high time to think about the deployment. With a minimum bet of 1 euro, TOTO is very accessible to every sports fan. But if you have faith in a bet and you really want to make a profit, then you can of course also sit a lot higher. TOTO accepts bets up to 1,000 euros. 

Stay up to date with TOTO Extra

TOTO is more than just a betting platform. On the website ์Šˆ์–ด๋งจ you can immerse yourself completely in the world of sports. Through TOTO Extra, the bookmaker keeps you informed of everything that is happening in the sport. You read the latest news, get previews on matches and TOTO also provides you with a number of betting tips. With all this information, you have all the knowledge to successfully bet on sports.

Since 1960, TOTO has had to comply with the strict characteristics of the Games of Chance Act (or the Lottery Act, as it was still called in the early years). This means that you can gamble legally at TOTO and that you benefit from the control of the Gaming Commission. This makes TOTO a safe and reliable bookmaker for all your sports betting. 

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