Importance of Airbrush Makeup Artists in Australia

Makeup Artist

The Makeup Artist in Australia is the person responsible for applying makeup on models and celebrities. They are also responsible for the change of hair colour and style, as well as the preparation of facial hair for photo shoots. The makeup artist uses techniques and products to apply makeup on the models. Many of these artists have become very skilled at their job and can create beautiful makeup on the fly. This ability has allowed them to make a good living with airbrushing and makeup artist.

The makeup artist works with one or more airbrushing systems. The application technique may be traditional sponge, crayon, gum, concealer, sponge, mousse, and dual-action (airbrush). A makeup artist applies the base to a models face using an airbrushing system. Airbrushing is makeup applied on the model’s skin with an airbrushing machine rather than being applied by brushes, sponges, finger, or any other methods. When applied properly, it gives the model a natural look, which can last for a long time.

The old traditional makeup method of putting on foundations was to use a sponge to put on the foundation. After applying the foundation, a powder was applied to further “prime” the skin. Many women complained that the traditional makeup applied unevenly and was cakey. An airbrushing system applied foundation much evenly and gave women a smooth, finished look.

With modern airbrushing equipment makeup artists are able to create realistic-looking makeup on their models without using traditional makeup brushes, sponges and other equipment. There are two types of airbrushing systems: digital airbrushing and gun airbrushing. Digital airbrushing uses digital sensors to determine brush speed, depth and other factors, whereas gun airbrushing uses compressed air to apply makeup. Digital airbrushing has become the most popular form of airbrushing, as it is easy to use, inexpensive and allows the artist to enhance different areas of a model’s face.

Gun-applied makeup artist work is also known as line and filler application. The model is first required to line up the eyes and mouth so that the desired effects can be achieved. Next a shade of foundation is sprayed onto the model’s skin and a color or colors are sprayed onto the eyelids. This process continues until the entire face is covered with makeup.

The pros and cons of airbrush makeup can be discussed at any makeup artist job fair. A great makeup artist should be willing to answer any questions concerning airbrushing techniques and equipment. These pros and cons should include cost, ease of use, the results of the technique, longevity of results and the amount of time needed to obtain the perfect result. A model who shows up for an airbrushing job looking “perfect” may not have perfect results because her skin tone and type of hair are not the same as the models she is trying to look like. Wedding photographers know that certain models will not turn out their best in photographs if they do not apply the appropriate makeup and airbrushing techniques.

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