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How To Uninstall Unwanted/Outdated Applications on Mac


Even though we have made a lot of advancements in the field of technology and moved far ahead, we can see a lot of developments every day coming through, Like there is no end to it. We have advanced computers and apps for almost everything. From teaching your kids basic mathematics to editing movies, you can do it all. But even after all of this, we struggle a lot with storage and data management. If you don’t count all the data brought from external sources by you then also the installed apps can generate a lot too. Now it does not mean that only the apps you are using will be creating the problems for you but a lot of other apps that are installed can also run in the background and consume resources. 

Have you ever received a notification that some of the other apps on your phone are consuming lots of power? Usually, this happens with the apps that are outdated or have been obsolete. If that’s the case then why are they still installed on your Smartphone? The same is the case with computers, we have so many software and applications installed on our computers that at times it becomes really hard to distinguish between important and useless. In this article, we are going to look at easy ways on how you can remove useless apps from your Mac. Have a look:

How to Uninstall Apps from Mac

Manual Removal

ใช้ Launchpad บน Mac - Apple การสนับสนุน

Image Source: apple

You can manually remove the app from the mac, it may take some extra steps but it is not hard. Launchpad is a utility present in the OS for launching apps. It can also be used by users to locate and remove apps from the system. It’s pretty handy and if you have worked on Mac for years now, you most probably know how useful it is.

  • In your Mac’s Dock, click on Launchpad to start. 
  • In there you will need to locate the app that you want to get rid of. 
  • Left-click on the app that you want to remove and keep the click pressed until you see a cross on the top of the app.
  • If you do not see an app with a cross on it then either it is being used by the system, is a system process or the app is not downloaded from the app store.
  • Click on the cross sign and then you will be prompted by the computer for final permission before removal. 
  • Select Delete and the app will be removed.
  • After you are done with all the removal, you will need to click on the empty space on your screen to get rid of those crosses.

There is another method to do it. It is simpler than the first one.

  • Find the apps or app that you want to delete.
  • Left click on them and drag them to the Trash folder present in the Dock.
  • After that you will be asked/ prompted again if you want to delete them or not.
  • Select delete and they will be moved to the Trash folder.
  • After deleting all the outdated apps click on the Trash icon in the Dock to launch it.
  • In here you will need to click on the “Empty” button given in the right corner.

And by this way you can easily get rid of apps from your system and make space for new ones. If you have a lot of apps and don’t want to go through this manual process of deleting one by one then I would suggest you to take the help of third party apps in the market that are easily available. Though here comes another issue of choice. 

There are more than hundreds of apps in the market and one just cannot try them all. A lot of them are paid as well and no one would want to pay for them without even knowing if they are any good or not. Such apps fall under the category of Utility apps that at times can be really useful. They come in with many important features and can make an amazing difference even in the performance of the system. So which ones should you even consider? It’s not like it is going to be an easy choice for anyone, but a little help can make things easier. So here we have listed some of the best ones in the industry that you will really like. Have a look: 

Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care – Best Mac Cleaner and Optimizer Software

Image Source: smartmaccare

If you are looking for a versatile system optimizer that can clean your system efficiently, effectively, and not take much effort from the user’s end. Something that feels like a hamper of incredible features then Smart Mac Care by Systweak is the one you should be looking for. SMC is one of the best and trusted Mac utility apps in the market. It can:

  • Take care of Malware, Viruses, and other PUA apps present in your system.
  • Take care of junk files like duplicate images, docs, videos, movies, incomplete downloads, browser and media cache, cookies, incomplete downloads, failed downloads, logs, and whatnot.
  • Offers various scanning methods for deep cleaning, quick scanning, and custom. With the help of this, you can focus the processing on a single drive or even a folder and can get the work done quickly.
  • If you are worried about online privacy and leaving traces behind in surfing history, then you can stop doing that now. Smart Mac Care can take care of it all and can remove your digital footprints so that your information stays safe. It can fight against hackers and organizations with malicious intent.

The workflow with this app is also quite great. You just need to download it from the official website, install and launch it. The user interface is designed to be intuitive and hence users should not face many problems. It is compatible with almost all the working versions of macOS so you don’t have to worry about it.


CleanMyMac X: Make Your Mac As Good As New

Image Source: cleanmymacx

Another great app that you can use for the purpose is CleanMyMac X. It is also widely preferred by the users and has proven itself as one of the milestones in the industry. The feature it carries has a wide range of benefits which are usually not available in a single optimizer. Users need to bring in various utility tools from different companies to achieve their effectiveness. It is also designed to get rid of almost all kinds of junk files, whether it is logged that are old or download that is broken and useless; it can get rid of all. The database on this app is designed to fend your system against viruses, malware, and PUA (Potentially Unwanted Applications). With 15 million downloads worldwide it has established quite a name for itself in the industry. Like other best MAC cleaning apps, it can also scan your system against:

  • Deep-rooted junk files are really hard to find and get rid of manually. With advanced algorithms, this app can find them easily and get rid of this problem.
  • A lot of files that are big in nature get ignored by the users even though they are the elephant in the room; this app can list them and can get rid of them.
  • Have you heard the term that a picture speaks more than a thousand words? Well, imagine how much they will speak when they are merged together in an interactive diagram. This app lets you in on the pictures version of what your storage looks like, pretty cool, isn’t it?
  • The RAM gets optimized and free of apps, cache, and other data and you can load new programs with ease.
  • This app has been designed to especially work on the maintenance of your system and can even work on repairing small common errors that may occur. 


OnyX Provides Access to Hidden Features and Services

Image Source: lifewire

Another best mac cleaner in the market that I would like to discuss with you is OnyX. If we look at its capabilities and it’s structure then you will find that it has been well designed and built in an amazing sync. It is multifunctional and is capable of performing various tasks and not only removing apps. Of course you can do that as well. Do remember that a lot of apps leave back files like logs, data, cache, and other entries for later installation. For most of the users who are not going to install these apps again, it would be a great idea for them to clean their system from Onyx. For users who don’t want to get themselves in complex apps and are not interested in getting to yet another one, this can be a great choice for them to get this app as the user interface is very simple and eve the people who don’t use computers much can find their way around easily.

The only drawback of using this app is that there are only specific versions developed especially to work with specific versions of the macOS. So if you are using macOS Catalina then you need to download the OnyX app that was released for Catalina and so on. So if you have figured out it should be smooth sailing from there on.

So here are the three utility apps that I wanted to discuss with you. If you are not able to make your way through using the normal methods then you can use these. If you are facing any other issues with your system which is not getting resolved even after this then do seek help from Apple support. They will be able to provide the best help you can get.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for reading!

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