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If you are someone who likes to be in charge of everything that is going on with your Mac and have frequent questions like how do I see what is running in the background on my Mac or how to turn off programs running in the background Mac then you are at the right place. Here we have answered most of the common questions regarding background apps running in your Mac. Sometimes these background apps make your system slow and prone to frequent crashes which can be easily solved by just keeping a tab on apps that are running in the background and stopping the ones that are eating up your Mac’s power and battery.

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There are a lot of ways in which you can open applications on your Mac. It is user friendly and the process is simpler when you transition from a Windows user. The dock is like a windows taskbar as it contains the icons of the running apps. Although Mac’s dock comes with default apps already pinned on it.

  • You need to simply click on the icons to open the applications on Mac. When the app is running you will find a white dot underneath the icon.
  • You can customize the dock according to your wish, you can remove the icon from the dock or you can drag an icon to pin it on the dock.
  • You can open applications from the launchpad which is the third icon on the dock.
  • You will see all your apps on this and can open any of them by clicking on the icon.
  • You can move the app just by clicking and holding on to it and then moving it wherever you want.
  • Spotlight is a feature just like the windows search. You can launch the spotlight from the search icon which is in the right corner of the top menu bar or you can press the command & space at the same time.
  • From this search window, you can find any application by typing its name and pressing enter. You can easily access your applications folder to see all the apps on your Mac.
  • Just click on ‘Applications’ in the sidebar to see the default applications folder.

This was the simplified version of just opening or launching apps on your Mac. Now let’s take a look at how to view all open apps on a Mac or how to see all active apps on Mac.

As we have mentioned above when an app is active you will see a white dot underneath the icon, apart from this one another simplified version is hitting Command+Options+Escape keys which is the basic ‘Force Quit applications’ window. Here you can read all the running apps and you can just view them without forcing them to actually quit. However, you can force quit an app if it is shown in a red font which means they are crashing or not responding. Keep in mind you can only view the active running apps and not the background apps or menu bar items.

The Activity Monitor is your best bet when it comes to how to see all running apps on Mac and how to turn off programs running in the background Mac.

It is a highly advanced utility tool that will show you not only the active and inactive applications but also all the processes running in your system. You will be able to review all the background applications and running apps and softwares. You can find the activity monitor in the utility section or just hit Command+Spacebar and then type activity monitor.

Along with everything that is going on with your Mac you can see resources like CPU, energy, memory, network usage, and disk. Check the CPU section if you feel your Mac is slow as it will display the processes affecting your CPU’s activity. Click on %CPU to see the amount of processor (CPU) is used by different programs. If you feel unusual consumption of power by some app, you can close it by clicking on it and then clicking ‘X’ which is on the left-hand corner. You can easily kill or quit applications on the activity monitor if you find an app that is running erratically or is unnecessary along with quitting processes. Activity monitor is a great tool for the most common questions like how do I see what is running in the background on my Mac and how to turn off programs running in the background Mac.

Also on how to check all open apps on Mac, you can see the activity monitor through the dock as it is displayed on the right-hand side, here you can customize the dock icon to keep an eye on your CPU usage, disk activity, network usage, and all the active apps and background processes. This is a handy trick to make sure your Mac is running efficiently and is not overloaded with too many background apps.

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Smart Mac Care

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As we have mentioned above the manual steps for how to turn off programs running in the background Mac. Manual steps can be time-consuming and might you will put more effort into it. Hence Smart Mac Care software will easily close all the applications that are running in the background. Smart Mac Care works as proficiently as its name. This amazing programming can spare some time by performing different tasks from one location, hence sparing time. It likewise helps in saving more money by keeping your system secured from deadly infections like malware, adware, spyware, and trojans which may hinder inside your Mac.

We have mentioned above how to check all open apps in Mac using manual method and using the software. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

Summary- Would you like to know how to turn off programs running in the background Mac? How to see all running apps on Mac? Read the above article to know more.

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