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We all love to play different types of games whether they are indoor or outdoor games. Playing your favorite indoor games will make you feel good and relaxed on the other hand playing outdoor games will not only become a very good stress buster but will also help to keep you fit. Due to the conditions nowadays around the world, it has become very difficult to go and play outdoor games. Don’t worry with the help of the advancement in the technology it has helped us to play these outdoor games are the fantasy games in which we can choose our own team. With the help of the knowledge about the game, we can play the match. There are a variety of fantasy games available online like fantasy cricket, hockey, kabaddi, baseball, football, and many more, the most people like to play fantasy kabaddi online.

By following certain very simple steps you can easily get into the world of fantasy games and can enjoy playing. Moreover, these fantasy games come up with the great cash prizes which are given to the winner. So this is the high time to take the best advantage of the knowledge that you have regarding any of the sports. Let’s have a look at some of the easy steps that are to be followed.

  • The first and most important step is to research an online platform where these games are being conducted and that platform is certified by the government that they are not into any sort of gambling. All the exchange of money is done on a fair basis. For this, you need to make a quick research and definitely you will find the online fantasy gaming platform. Soon after that go and get yourself register there. Even many of the gaming platforms provide you with bonus cash points on the verification of your mobile number and the email address.
  • The next step to be followed is to choose the type of sport and the type of match you want to play. There will different types of leagues that are being conducted there related to different sports games. You can go to your favorite sport. In case you want to gain some experience in playing online. You can easily go for the practice matches there.
  • The next step is very important that is to make your own team. In case you are a big fan of kabaddi and you want to play its fantasy game, you need to form a team of at least nine players which will include three to five defenders, two to three all-rounders, two to three raiders. It is highly recommended to check each player’s history of playing and after that only select them.  And also make sure that not to choose more than 2 players from one team.
  • While selecting your squad for the match you need to select a one-star player, one captain for the team, and two Z factors. Keep in mind that the star player gets two times the points of his actual performance whereas the captain gets one and half times of the points of his actual performance. The Z factor will get half times the point scored. So it is better to take this decision wisely. Do not choose your star player as the captain of the team as it will affect the scoring pattern of the team. The whole budget to select the team is less than or equal to the one thousand gems.
  • Soon after all these steps you can join the match you want to play by paying rupees twenty-five from the bonus cash that you have received at the time of the registration. In this way, you can start playing the game live and will start earning cash prizes. At the end of the match, winners will be declared.

So these were some of the basic steps that are to be followed for playing these fantasy games. I am sure that you will these games to be very interesting as well as a very good platform to earn money when there is complete lockdown everywhere. There are many of the benefits of playing these fantasy games. Let’s have a look at them.

  • You can refer these games to your family and friends. As they will get themselves register or these fantasy games you will surely earn money for that. It is add on advantage of you being a member of the fantasy gaming platform.
  • This fantasy gaming platform provides you with the facility of instant withdrawal of the cash that you have earned playing your favorite games over there. There are various modes of paying and also withdrawing money. So people can rely on them without any issue
  • On the online fantasy gaming platform, the person can participate in the weekly tasks that will provide them with add on benefits of earning more cash prizes. These weekly tasks get refreshed every Sunday or Monday according to the policy of the platform.
  • These gaming platforms come with various offers where you can join any pot for playing any match for free or many other ways to earn extra cash prizes. If any person wants to get benefited the most with these offers he has to be regularly in touch with the gaming platform. So that he is well informed of all the things that are going on there.

Playing these best fantasy kabaddi games apps can provide you with a lot of benefits. If you are a person that has vast knowledge about any of the sport then playing that particular fantasy game will become a great platform to not only utilize the knowledge but to earn money from it as well. These fantasy games have been regarded as the best time for the people who are stuck in their homes because of the situation outside. It is pretty much clear that advancement in technology is helping to a great extent to humans to explore more of their skills and knowledge that they have.

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