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How to Select a Mouse

Are you planning to buy a new Mouse? You can learn these things before buying. You can obtain the best Mouse to meet your needs. How to Select a Mouse

For most users, the standard three-button Mouse (the scroll wheel is used as the third button) can complete the work well. However, a specific task needs a specially designed Mouse.

Game Mouse

Game players always need to buy a special game Mouse. It will simplify your game to a great extent. The best game Mouse should fit to ergonomics. It makes people more comfortable in the long-term game process. It should have higher quality sensors to improve its accuracy.

Most importantly, it will have buttons to collocate. You can make repetitive tasks easier. Do you need to pull up a sniper rifle or use medical tools? Just click to finish. You can even assign complex macros to individual buttons.

Many game Mice have DPI switches. You can use DPI switches to change between higher DPI settings (for faster cursor speed) and lower DPI settings (for smoother and more accurate control).

Travel Mouse

Another major type of professional Mouse is the travel Mouse. Most of them are just reduced in size by standard two or three button units. Although some use short or scalable cables, most are wireless. They are very cheap. If you lose them, you can replace them without pressure.

The key point of travel Mice is to place in narrow spaces (such as laptop bags or wallets). These Mice don`t consider of the ergonomics. You may fell excellent during your journey. They are not suitable for daily use.

Wireless Mouse

Wireless Mouse has caught up with wired Mouse. Its excellent performance has made up for the shortcomings of the past. The delay almost disappeared. Although gamers may still prefer the absolute consistency and reliability of wired Mice. The main advantage of wireless Mouse is convenience. Wireless Mouse avoids messy Mouse lines. Users can use it even far away from the host. How to Select a Mouse

You can choose a radio frequency (RF) or Bluetooth model from wireless Mice. The RF Mouse may be slightly more responsive. It is much easier to set up. Users just insert the attached encryption dog. On the downside, the encryption dog occupies one of your USB ports. You can hardly replace it when losing. Radio frequency equipment is more vulnerable to interference. Bluetooth is more convenient. It does not use valuable USB ports. It is much easier to share a single Mouse among multiple computers.

Setting up the Bluetooth Mouse requires some additional steps. Users must wait for the computer to reconnect when starting or waking up. But in most cases, choosing to buy Bluetooth Mouse is usually a better choice.

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