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PlayStation by Sony has been a revolutionary product for decades now. It has even moved tech giants to enhance their game if they wished to stay in the industry for long. After the launch of PlayStation 1 in 1994, Sony not only became a nightmare for competition but also a dream gadget for every kid, young adults, and a lot more.

Other companies also started launching their own consoles but hardly any other company was able to enjoy success like they did. After launching some of the successful gaming consoles, Sony brought forth PSP. An advanced portable gaming console that further improved its position in the industry.

We all love games and were drawn towards it but not all were able to enjoy it. Though the prices were competitive, they were still very high for the majority of the people. Most of us only dreamt of playing with them one day. But don’t worry, in this article I am going to discuss how you can play PSP games on android, iOS and even on PC free of cost. Have a look:

How to Play PlayStation (PSP) games on Android, iOS and PC

So how can one do it? The simple answer here is to use an emulator but not any emulator. I would recommend you to try PPSSPP Gold. PPSSPP is an amazing application which can be used by users of various platforms and can download PSP games and can play most of them for free. You would save a lot of money on buying a console and don’t forget the costs of all the games. And you don’t worry about any kind of malware. The app is fully secure and free from any kind of trojans. So your privacy is in safe hands and so is your data. The games are also designed to run in HD resolutions so that you can fully enjoy the experience.

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How to proceed?

First and foremost you will have to get the application on your device and install it. So open up the Play store if you are on the Android or Apple Store if you are on iOS. If you face any difficulty in the process then you can even download the file directly from the official website. If you want to download the Gold Version for free then you will have to enable “Install apps from unknown sources” and then you can find the PPSSPP Gold emulator on any other app store. You should be able to easily navigate the unknown sources option in the Settings of your phone.

After you have downloaded the installer file of the apk from the website you will have to go to the downloads folder in your phone’s storage, locate the file and start the installation process. If you have downloaded the file from the playstore then it will be installed automatically.

After the installation process you will have to download the games that you want to install. If you already have some games from your old PSP then you can directly import the .ISO and .CSO format files into the Android’s File Explorer (Remember the location). But even if you don’t have the PSP then too you can download the games via torrent. Here, if you are facing some issues with downloading anything on your phone then the PPSSPP manufacturer’s website suggests that you can download the games on your computer and then connect the phone with USB to transfer the data.

How to play PSP games on Computer?

If you are looking to play games on a wider screen then there will be some additional steps apart from the ones discussed above.

  • First you will need to download an Android emulator on your computer before you can start installing apps that support it.
  • Download any trusted Android emulator and then proceed by installing it on your computer.
  • After the installation is complete, launch the application.
  • Download the PPSSPP apk file on your computer and proceed by installing it too.
  • Open your Android emulator and then navigate to where the PPSSPP emulator is installed and launch it from inside the Android emulator. Once the Android emulator detects the app, you can then download the games and start playing them.

So this is how you can play your favourite PSP games on other platforms. If you are not able to find or are confused about what all games to download then check this on google. Here you will get a hand-picked list of 25 games which will take you back to the PlayStation (PSP) era.

Hope it helps.

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