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How To Give Your Home The Quirky Touch

Home The Quirky Touch

Nowadays, the possibilities for personalizing your interior living spaces are quite literally limitless. You are no longer limited to the same standard, uniform pieces of furniture or confined to only the home décor elements that are currently in fashion.

Here are some fabulous ways of adding a quirky touch to your family home that will help make you fall in love with home all over again.

Bean Bags

For the ultimate bohemian, chilled-out vibe, why not replace, or at least complement, your traditional sofa and chairs with an oversized, super soft bean bag? Perfect for snuggling up with a loved one or giving your children a real taste of comfort whilst they are watching their favorite movies, bean bags are a quirky and extremely comfortable seating alternative. Bean bags are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors, and there is certainly something for everyone.


An effective and affordable way of personalizing your home is to experiment with your favorite aromas and inject them into your home. Nowadays, the range of fragranced home accessories means there really is something for everyone. Choose a fragrance that really summarizes you as a person, or, indeed, you as a family; you can now even get your favorite aftershave or perfume in a wax melt or oil burner liquid. Failing that, you could always learn how to make your own wax melts for extra individuality points.


Displaying photographs inside your family home is one of the most effective ways of personalizing the space and is an area that you can really let your creative juices fly.

You can make your own display frames from any material lying around the home unused or even upcycle an old home accessory. Consider taking an old canvas and creating a mosaic with photographs of your loved ones and pets. Alternatively, why not take some strong twining and affix Polaroid-style pictures with artisan pegs and trim one of the walls in your living room.


Whatever your budget, there is a wall clock for you and one that supersedes the normal, standard circular timepiece. Retro kitchen designs would be elevated by an American diner-style blue clock, whereas clocks embedded in faux greenery would look fabulous in your conservatory and in your bedroom; perhaps consider a boudoir style, ornate and bling-tastic style.


There is a plethora of health benefits in having indoor plants inside your home. Research has shown that indoor plants help rid the air of some of the more common toxins, and, therefore, the addition of indoor plants will certainly enable you to breathe more clearly. Indoor plants promote healing and a positive mental attitude as well as being perfect for adding color and liveliness into your interior living spaces.

Alternatively, for obviously far less upkeep (apart from the dusting every now and then), consider faux plants or succulents. Fake plants are also significantly more durable, and these days, some can look so utterly realistic it can often be hard to tell that they are, in fact, synthetic.


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