How to bet on the playoffs of national football championships?

TOP-5 European national championships are held in a round-robin system, where each team plays two matches with opponents (home and away). But there are also a number of championships in which the second stage starts after the regular drawing.

แทงบอล some championships, teams go to the second stage with the full number of points they earned during the preliminary stage (championships of Ukraine, Greece, Poland). In total, they spend four full circles, according to the results of which the winner is determined.


Total Under Usually, in the lower half of the table, there are teams that frankly do not match the leaders in terms of the quality of play.

In the relegation group, the matches are more nervous, as the cost of each mistake can be too high. For this reason, almost all the “bottom” matches in the playoffs are dry.

For example, in the UPL, there are six teams in the relegation group. Only two of them (Dnipro-1 and Mariupol) score on average more than one goal per match. And the rest have big problems with creating chances and their implementation.


Both To Score, The leading group, usually includes teams that have a strong attacking line. And therefore, matches in the Championship playoffs usually resemble an exchange of blows, where each of the teams demonstrates its potential.


Red card The Greek championship is famous for its intense passion, especially in principled confrontations. But after the start of the second part of the championship, all the best teams begin to act carefully in order to consistently gain points. And in the relegation group, the real heat begins since not all performers have enough moral calm and individual skill.


In such championships, four laps are also held, but after the first two, the points are recalculated. Only those points are taken into the team’s piggy bank, which was obtained in matches with representatives of “their” group. Therefore, it is much more difficult to fight for the championship in the Austrian championship since the lion’s share of the points scored in fights with outsiders simply burns out.


Big Total Even with such a distribution of teams into groups, there is a situation when the leaders and main favorites lose a large number of points; therefore they are forced to start the fight for the title anew. As a rule, they are two heads ahead of their rivals in the playoffs. Therefore, the matches turn out to be scored, rich in events. such championships, teams that played pretty well against the favorites and lost the lion’s share of points are often at the bottom of the table. They do not want to leave the elite division, so they start playing accurately, minimizing mistakes. And outsiders do get on the bus and methodically avert the threat from their own possessions.

Many European football championships began to move to a system in which, after the regular draw, the second stage starts – the playoff stage. Some give the teams all the points, the second take away the points that were obtained with the representatives of the foreign group.