How smartphones have dramatically altered everyday life



The technological advances that occurred over the past decade were truly astounding. The development of phones and consoles has revolutionized the way that people use technology. It is with phones that technology really has taken leaps forward, as now many people around the world carry a mini-computer in their pocket.

It’s a digital world

The advances in phones are truly staggering. At the turn of the millennium, the most popular mobile phone was the Nokia 3310, a phone that could withstand significant knocks. Fast forward 20 years and now all phones have the appearance of a miniature laptop computer and are a vital cog in everyone’s daily life. They contain a lot of important information nowadays and many people pretty much live their lives through their phones.

Everyone uses their phones

With improved cameras in devices, the way interviews and medical appointments are conducted has changed drastically. With platforms like Zoom and Google Meet, it is possible to communicate with anyone around the world, while social media has also had a major impact on this aspect, too. Doctors appointments are now conducted via video chat out of necessity, but thanks to this development, healthcare can be provided in hard to reach places. Not to mention it’s more convenient. For example, Reliant looks to simplify everyone’s lives by providing bespoke medical treatments through its app.

Gaming has developed

It is not just the medical side of life that has drastically changed because of technology. Gaming has been truly revolutionized with millions of people using their phones to take part in various games, connected via social media. A good example is Candy Crush. There is also augmented reality, whereby people will be glued to their screens playing the likes of Pokémon GO and escaping from the real world for a while.

It’s a revolution

With all the technological advances taking place today, it is now possible to connect with people the other side of the world. These advances have been truly astounding and revolutionized the way that people communicate and the way that they work. The world is essentially accessible via the touch of a button, especially now you can contact someone the opposite side of the world through video chat. It is simply staggering to see where the world is now compared to how it was just 20 years ago.

With so much technology, everyone is essentially plugged into the world. Information now travels more freely than ever as people look to connect with the everyone else around the world. People have never been closer to each other despite some of the vast distances between them and others. Thanks to smartphone technology, what once seemed like a vast world now seems much smaller as the person in Japan that you are playing a game against might as well be sat next to you, such is the impact that technology has had. This tech revolution has thrown up challenges and opportunities in equal measure.