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How small gift boxes are eco friendly and durable for gift packaging


Oct 22, 2020

In the 21st century, with the current global warming issues. We should make a special effort in using eco-friendly packaging. This not only benefits the environment but also your business. The huge plastic wrapping and packing material create unnecessary waste that can be easily avoided. Shifting your packaging strategy to being eco-friendly can help your business gain sustainability down the road. As a company or establishmentm, it is your responsibility to choose the right packaging to represent your morals and your values. Playing your part in conserving the planet is an astound representation of your positive brand value and personality.

There is a misconception around cardboard boxes that since they are made of paper they are essentially non-environment friendly. It is however quite the contrary. Small cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. They can also be upcycled quite easily.  In case of not being disposed of properly. They biodegrade at a much faster rate than any other material such as plastic or metal.

Environmental influence is a dynamic network of causes and effects that are linked together. Cardboard boxes can be the most environmentally-friendly way of packing, shipping, and storing goods, despite what some people may claim. Eco-friendly packaging contains fewer materials, is more economical and often uses a process of processing and disposal that is environmentally friendly.

One of the many uses of boxes is small gift boxes. These cheap small gift boxes are used all over the world since they are eco friendly. You can get many benefits by using small boxes for your presents when it comes to being a responsible and eco-friendly citizen.

1. Reduces your carbon footprint

Whether you are a retail store that offers gift sets for your customers or you are an event organizer and looking to make small gift boxes for wedding favours, cardboard boxes are the way to go. By using eco-friendly material you are ensuring that the cardboard footprint of you and your client is reduced by quite a number. After being utilized once these boxes can be upcycled by the consumer or sent to recycle. And in case of none of these happening, it will degrade naturally into produce. Leaving the planet with next to no carbon footprint.

  1. Your package is toxin and allergen-free

Oftentimes packaging consists of toxic material such as silica gel. Other chemicals are used during the process of production and lamination. Using eco-friendly packaging for your gift boxes allows you the benefit of using toxin-free material that won’t cause any harm to allergy-prone consumers or for kids in case of inappropriate ingestion.

  1. Eco-friendly packaging defines you as a person

Choosing to use eco-friendly material for your personalised small gift boxes will speak volumes about your personality. It defines you as a person who is conscious of the well being of the planet and that of others. By choosing to use ecological material you are also appreciating others for taking care of the planet and playing your part of being a responsible citizen.

If you happen to be a brand that offers pre-packed cheap small gift boxes, then choosing a recyclable material will help you gain clientele since that is a positive marketing tactic.

  1. Eco-friendly boxes offers you a wide range of packaging

There is a wide range of products and purposes when it comes to eco-friendly small boxes. Whether you are looking to present your guests with small gift boxes with lids or a departing small gift box for wedding favours. You can do it all with these small versatile cardboard boxes. Using these boxes instead of traditional packaging will allow you leeway in your budget too. By getting small gift boxes wholesale will cut your budget in half allowing you to spend more on the gift than the package itself. While making sure that your gift box is beautiful and leaves a positive impression.

  1. Eco-friendly wrapping will set the scale high for your brand

If you are an establishing business or a retail brand, offering your products and gift sets in eco-friendly material will boost your sales. People are looking for convenience and they prefer getting degradable and ecological packaging rather than unwrapping their package and putting it in self-made eco-friendly wraps. Every person who is conscious about their waste product will not only buy from you but also provide good word of mouth marketing among their peers.

More and more people today are looking to practice sustainability and friendliness when it comes to saving the planet.

Eco-friendly packaging is entirely durable and beneficial for everyone

Along with environmental advantages, there are a lot of personal advantages when it comes to ecological packaging. The small gift boxes are not only sturdy but also entirely durable when it comes to the safety of the product or item inside.

If you are using gift boxes for the delivery of your product. You can be entirely satisfied that your product is going to be shipped safe and sound. The size of the packaging makes sure that the gift item is wrapped tightly and snugly inside the box. If you are getting a present delivered to your loved one; rest assured your present is in durable packaging with sturdy support. These small boxes are contamination proof and make sure that any fragile product is delivered safely and properly.

By adopting eco-friendly packaging you can promote positivity and longevity of the planet.

Needless to say, during transport and storage, your small gift box will protect fragile and non-fragile objects. According to FEFCO, the European Federation of Manufacturers of Corrugated Boards, cardboard is shock, impact, drop and vibration resistant. The two paper sheets glued to the corrugated inner sheet provide the overall strength of the structure and are capable of carrying heavyweights.

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