How is a Necklace different from a Pendant?


Some things about the sparkling world of jewellery can easily confuse a lot of people. A huge example of this is how so many people perceive a pendant and a necklace as the same thing. This is however not true. While necklaces and pendants are intricate pieces of jewellery that are available in a multitude of different styles and designs, they are two different items that can suit different kinds of styles and occasions. Let us know more about them!


Difference between Necklace and Pendant

While necklaces and pendants go hand in hand, they are two extremely different pieces of jewellery. A necklace refers to a piece of jewellery that goes around the neck. And a pendant is a small piece of jewellery that is hung on to the necklace. Necklaces are traditionally meant to be worn only around the neck. However, pendants can be featured on anklets and bracelets as well. One can wear a pendant on any part of the body as long as the pendant is attached to a chain.

Both necklaces and pendants can feature a variety of designs and are often made up of a variety of gemstones and metals.


Types of Pendants

Pendants often feature jewels, lockets, and diamonds. They are featured in a variety of popular necklace styles. Smaller gold pendant designs can be a great option when you want to focus on some big earrings but do not want to leave the neckline empty. Bigger pendants on the other hand can add a subtle charm to your dressed-up looks with their minimal jewellery appeal.

  1. Diamond pendant: Several pendant designs featured a single diamond in a range of different cuts, such as princess cut, cushion, or emerald cut. Pendants designed in this way are extremely versatile and can be purchased in a variety of designs. They are usually a great option as everyday wear jewellery and for a more chic look.
  2. Jewel pendant: Different jewels like sapphires, diamonds, rubies, and more are used by many manufacturers and jewellery designers to create model pendants. Such pendants are simple and unique and add a classy element to your look.
  3. Locket: Lockets are an extremely popular pendant choice that allows the wearer to store things like precious items or a photo within the pendant. When worn on princess length necklaces, the locket tends to sit near the heart. Such pendants hold immense sentimental value and are a great gifting option for your loved ones.


Types of Necklaces

A necklace is a standalone piece that can draw attention to the wearer’s face. They largely consist of a metal chain in silver or gold. The latest necklace designs come in all sizes and can be styled in various ways depending upon the type of necklace.

  1. Choker: A choker is a kind of necklace that is designed to rest above the collarbone, falling along the base of the neck and are firmly wrapped around the neck. Chokers tend to highlight the shoulders and the neck and are an extremely popular necklace design.
  2. Cascade: Cascade necklaces feature multiple strands and are the true showstoppers. They do a great job at emphasizing outfits whether they are high necks or strapless ones. They are your go-to accessory to add that extra oomph to your look.
  3. Single strand: The single strand necklace is the most traditional necklace style. A rope of pearl is a great example of a strand necklace. However, they do exist in different metals.


Both necklaces and pendants are elegant in their way. They can grasp attention yet not outshine the entire look. This makes them the perfect accessory for any outfit