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How do I Restore Downloaded Files Using Time Machine?


Dec 23, 2020
Time Machine

Time Machine is a very useful and amazing tool from Apple which helps the user to back up all their files and other important data on Mac in just a matter of a few clicks. You can view or restore any section of data within a short period with the help of this tool. Also it automatically backups all the data from time to time on your Mac. These files can be in any form and from any folder in your device whether it be an individual file or any folder. Many users have reported issues related to restoring downloaded files using The Time Machine Tool. You can easily get all your downloaded files using the Time Machine Tool in just a matter of a few minutes. Setting up the tool in your Mac is very easy as you just have to follow few simple steps:

  1. Go to the Menu and select the Apple logo on the left side
  2. Then click on system preferences
  3. Thereafter you have to select the ‘Time Machine” toll.

As your setup will complete, the backups will be automatically done on its own. Note down that you cannot manage the schedule timing because it works on its own.

How do I restore downloaded files using a time machine?

  1. Click on “Enter time machine” on the menu bar shortcut option. If you don’t see this option then there is another way to approach this as well. Click the system preferences and then select the time machine where you will see the option to show the time machine in the menu bar.
  2. Then your time machine will be opened. Go to the left part of the page where you will see the options for files. From there click on the download option for viewing the downloaded files you want to recover by time machine backup windows.
  3. Then on the right side you will get the navigation option from where you can navigate to the time where those downloaded files are, which you want to restore. View these downloaded files according to the time for which you want to restore them.
  4. You can double click that file or just click and press the spacebar button so that you can preview the file initially so that you can recover my files and download them later.
  5. As you have selected the files they will be highlighted and you will be able to see the restore option. Click that button at the bottom of the interface and your downloaded files will start restoring.

Coming to windows the process is a little bit lengthy but easy:

  1. Initially you have to connect the Mac-formatting Time machine drive to your windows device. Use a USB drive as it is capable on any device.
  2. You won’t be able to the files at first as the language they are encrypted in is HFS+ file system that Windows does not support.
  3. You will have to install an external software to read these files. There are many third-party applications that will help you to decrypt them easily.
  4. But some of them need Java to get installed so the user has a check that first.
  5. After you are done installing the application, open it and click the file menu.
  6. Now select the “Load file system from device” option. It will detect the device for you but in case it doesn’t do that then you have to select the device manually from “Detected devices”.
  7. You will see a folder while viewing the content named “Backups.backupdb.” This is the required folder for time machine backup windows.
  8. Under it select the folder with the name of your Mac. It will contain all the backups of downloaded files.
  9. The downloaded file names will be given with their respective date and time.
  10. You will see the latest folder where the latest downloaded files will be there for you to restore.
  11. You will see a folder named “Macintosh HD” in front of you on the screen.
  12. You will find all your downloaded personal files in it. Select the file and click on the extract option
  13. The files will be copied to the Windows partition and you will get files from time machine backup.

If the software doesn’t work for you then you have to switch to a commercial application to recover my files download. So that was the process of recovering deleted download files from Time machine which helps to get files from time machine backup. This tool is the easiest and hassle free option if you delete your downloaded files as it takes so much time and data to download a file and losing it can be stressful. But no need to worry as now you have got the best solution here to recover downloaded files.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for reading!

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