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Augmented Reality

Every now and then, we get to hear about new tech developments that can easily get you excited about what’s coming up next. Unfortunately, these innovations have little to no impact on our daily lives. Most of these end up being just fun tricks. However, a few have proved to be a real game-changer. 

Augmented reality (AR) swoops comes under this category. 

There are many real-world applications where AR is being applied to boost customer experience. Thanks to forward-thinking firms, AR apps have immensely improved the customer journey and paved the way for delightful interactions with users. 

To analyze what it is, how it works and enhance customer experience, you need to dig deep into augmented reality.  

What is AR? 

Augmented reality supplements real-world with additional elements. The computer-generated imagery is infused into the real world that augments the actual reality. It may look complex, but there is a high probability you may have used AR technology in one or other form. For instance, augmented reality is frequently used during live sports when commentators are discussing the game. Famous examples include baseball and American football. 

Another example of technology is the popular augmented reality video game: Pokemon Go. Those who are familiar with the app know how AR elements are imposed in the real world. The characters in the video game, including Pokemon, appear on your mobile device’s screen as if you’re seeing them via your device’s camera lens. 

Now that you have some idea about technology let’s see how it impacts the customer experience. 

Customer Experience and AR

Augmented reality has changed the way businesses interact with their customers. The technology has enabled the companies to overlay images, info, and other content on the customers’ view. Below are a few prominent examples of how it is improving customer experience:

Adding Value through Interactive Eyelash Boxes

Augmented reality isn’t just limited to the pre-sales process. Its uses can now be seen at the point of sale as well. One interesting example in this regard is of interactive eyelash boxes. The introduction of the technology in the cosmetics packaging has made the user experience more valuable and engaging. All a customer needs to do is point their smartphone to the eyelash box and see compelling visuals. 

Several brands are now following suit to deliver useful and practical insights to their customers through this tech. But that’s not the first time a brand has leveraged the technology to offer something more to its customers. The condiment brand used it to provide its customers with a variety of recipes using tomato ketchup.  

In the present day, eyelash producers are embracing this emerging trend to set themselves apart from the competition and offer more value against the money. Though brands using custom eyelash boxes have taken a light-hearted approach, others have taken an aggressive approach to elevate customers’ buying journeys with the new tech.   

Taking the Uncertainty Out of the Buying Decision 

Though the e-commerce market has witnessed unprecedented growth in the past few years, there is still a major drawback to shopping online—buyers cannot physically examine a product before buying it. As a result, the rate of return is pretty high when it comes to online purchases. It nullifies all the efforts that businesses put into their digital marketing. 

Luckily, augmented reality addresses the issue head-on. With interactive apps, businesses are enabling online customers a good idea of the desired product. Take IKEA, for instance. The popular retail store chain has launched a new app that allows buyers to place furniture in their home through a mobile device, so they could analyze how it will fit into their interior. 

This had removed significant friction and made customers’ lives much easier as they’ll be able to better judge the product right at the outset. 

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