Goals to set in the new year: a short guide


Goals are tricky things to set. They can be big, long-term dreams since childhood, or they can be small little goals that just make you happier with yourself. This can be an amazing experience for you, or it might be terrifying.

Either way, a goal is something that you want to accomplish, even if it doesn’t feel like you are doing anything that is all that worthy of a reward in the first place. Here are some hints and tips regarding deciding what your goals are, how you should pace yourself, and how you can effectively set your goals and reward yourself.

Step #1: Establish your overall goal

An overall goal is something you want to achieve that makes a massive change. For example, you want to make yourself look better and feel better. This is the overall goal of an individual, much like someone else’s overall goal might be to become a doctor or to get married. Every goal is legitimate, and it is well within your power to reach it if you try hard enough at doing the right things.

Step #2: Understand what is stopping you

Once you have established your goal, you need to figure out what it is that is stopping you. Continuing with the example of someone wanting to look and feel better about themselves, they would start by identifying the issues. Maybe they eat too much junk food. Maybe they don’t get out with friends enough. Maybe they don’t like their skin, their teeth, or maybe they just don’t do enough in the day to feel fulfilled. Once they have identified these problems, issues within their routine, or just in how they act, they can begin to grow and reach toward their goal.

Step #3: Break your goal into smaller steps

Breaking down your goal into smaller steps might sound silly, but it really does work. Continuing with the analogy above, the person who wants to look and feel better about themselves might treat issues separately.

For example, only eat chocolate after dinner, go out for a ten-minute walk every day, join a club. Look into ways to help themselves feel more confident, such as looking online for a guide to whitening your teeth, the results of which could give them the confidence to talk to new people and push forward with their goals. These are the types of goals that can change with improvement and aren’t just stagnant; otherwise, there will be no improvement.

Step #4: Think of a reward

In the beginning, little steps will seem huge. Rewarding yourself can be a good way to help you feel better about yourself. For example, those that might want to lose some weight could go clothes shopping at the end of the month to get the size they are now able to wear, or alternatively will go somewhere they have always wanted to.

Step #5: Put your plan into action

Putting the plan into action is never easy, but it is doable. It will push you into situations where you feel uncomfortable and can be very intimidating. However, with the right ideas and methods, you can reach your goals and be the person you always dreamed that you would be.