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Five Tips for Hiring Freelance German Translators


Nov 2, 2020
Hiring Freelance German Translators

Hiring Freelance German Translators: Whether you are traveling for business purposes or looking to expand your business to new, international markets, working with a German translator is one of the best ways to do so. In today’s world, so much of the communication we rely on to conduct business is text-based, from marketing messages to email and instant message communication. If you want to open doors to areas you may not have previously considered possible, you’ll need the key – and that key is the local language. 

Many people mistakenly believe that English is the “language of business” worldwide. While this is true in some respects – English is at least offered in almost every country worldwide to some degree – there are still many people around the world who do not read, write, or speak English. Some of these may be potential investors or business partners. Some may be the people you hope to staff your new business branch with. Many will be the consumers you wish to market to. If you want to do so effectively, you’ll need the language tools to do so. 

Here, we’ll guide you through the potentially intimidating process of hiring German translators – or any language professional your business is looking to partner with. While it might seem scary at first, the truth is it isn’t all that difficult – and it’s one of the best things you can do for your business!

Figure Out What Your Translation Needs Are 

How much text do you need to be translated? What kind of text is it? Are the terms and jargon used very complex and intricate, or are you looking for a more straightforward translation? How often will you need these services? These are all questions that can be used to help you establish your company’s needs upfront. This way, when you request a quote from a translator or agency, you will be prepared to offer them the right information to ensure that quote is accurate – and to ensure that they are prepared to tackle the task. Hiring Freelance German Translators

Run a Check on the Company’s Credentials

When you partner with a company for your business’s needs, you want to ensure that they are professional and fully-qualified. After all, you’re putting your company’s name on their finished work; they should be able to offer something you’ll be proud to have represented your business.

Ask for credentials and other information upfront. Watch for companies that are not quick to share this information; a qualified professional should be proud of what they have to offer. Also, watch out for any professional who offers you a lower rate based on their lack of credentials and qualifications. You might stand to save a few dollars that way, but the level of quality that you will lose as a result of trusting them with your content is not worth the savings! 

Determine What Qualifications You Need in a Translator 

While it is crucial to find a translator who offers the kind of baseline credentials that any qualifi3ed professional in their industry should have, it is even more critical for your business to find someone with the specific qualifications you need. 

What kind of business do you run? Are there specialized terms and phrases? Are you working with medical companies or providing legal counsel? Do you need these services yourself for your employees? There are numerous reasons why looking for a translator with specific knowledge and expertise is a great idea. You’ll never have to worry about whether your provider is suited to the job. 

Compare Prices Before You Commit to a Company’s Quoted Offer 

Just because a translation professional gives you a quote, that doesn’t mean that’s what you have to pay. The truth is, there are plenty of companies out there that want your business – and many are willing to beat competitors’ pricing. 

Ask for a quote from several translators or agencies. Be sure to compare these rates before committing to any one of them, since you might find significant differences in the way charges are established or the services offered. Likewise, you never know when a lower rate might be just around the corner, and a business on a budget can use every penny saved possibly!

Looking for Repeat Work? Negotiate for a Lower Price 

Plan to have your translator or transition agency perform repetitive translation tasks or work with you over a more extended period. It may be worth asking about a discount associated with so-called “redundancy”. This means that if a translator only has to actually translate a given passage once but has to rewrite it numerous times, you pay less for the rewrites than the initial translation. Not all companies offer this, but many do – especially if you request it specifically. Don’t be afraid to ask about a redundancy discount! Hiring Freelance German Translators

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