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Five Digital Transformation Trends to Follow in 2021 and Beyond


Mar 9, 2021
Five Digital Transformation Trends to Follow in 2021 and Beyond

A mere process of implementing strategies and adopting business models that can drive new value to customers has transformed into being the pressing priority for new-age companies.

Since digital transformation is proving to be an essential element in shaping organizations’ vision and aid them to thrive in a rapidly growing digital world, the disruption in the reinvention of the business model is paving the way for many organizations helping each one of them understand the importance of digital transformation on their level.

If we go by the general definition of digital transformation, we can sum it up as everything a business does to empower its everyday operations, however, the benefits of the digital transformation vary from business to business which is mainly subject to scalability and goals. When you aim at achieving an out-of-the-ordinary digital experience, there are many strategic shifts that require to be sustained. It is not necessary that every transformation that business lay hold of should be girdling around the customers but their choices should not either be ignored.

Since 2020 has been the most disruptive year impacting the majority of industries in an injuring manner, the digital transformation trends will more likely remain the same in 2021 some of which will be pioneering for organizations. Here are five transformations businesses will heed to digitize their operations.

Mobile Being the New-Normal

While the web is soon to become the things of yesterday, mobile apps are all set to besiege the throne. Since many businesses are striving to provide the best UX in limited resources, they are more leaned towards attaining a mobile-first approach. In order to enhance the experience for their customers with a mobile app, the business enthusiasts are not lagging behind electing a goal-oriented mobile app development company that can understand their requirements and aid them to achieve their objectives. Attracting new customers and retaining existing ones is not a new strategy for enterprises, however, understanding the demand of the current marketplace and operating accordingly might appear fresh to many industries. Regardless of the size of the business, a mobile app has become a necessary investment in building a loyal customer base.

Personalization at Its Peak

Many enterprises go with the theory that sprinkling technology all over the place to streamline basic business functionalities is what drives innovation in business. Little do they know is digital transformation is all about embracing changes that could be experimented with beyond an extent. In this digital age, reaching a global audience and getting accessibility all over the place becomes far-reaching and that’s why personalizing the customer requirements can be touted as one of the transformative approaches businesses should definitely add to their list. Personalized marketing is on the rise ever since business leaders have explored the depth of digital transformation trends. On-demand app development requests are a common example of how personalization is widening the gap in the field of technology.

A Major Shift to Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has now become more important for businesses than it ever had been. The commonality of cyberattacks has disrupted the business environment leaving many market enthusiasts feeling uncanny of sensitive business data. Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for sophisticated companies (mostly startups) who are unaware of the nitty-gritty of phishing and security attacks. Investing in cloud storage services like Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and integrating many innovative security tools that could protect sensitive information of the company from outside hackers, would be an ideal approach. Belonging to the environment where computer systems are an integral part of carrying out operations, securing your end-to-end communication, file transfer, and many data-related things becomes crucial.

Welcoming Inventive Technologies Like AI

If we look at artificial intelligence from the lens of unraveling business capabilities rather than just another technology in the list, it would become easier to gather insights and employ AI as per the complexities of each task. There are numerous projects that are operated and handled by businesses all over the world half of which complicate the common business operations. The transformative nature of AI lets global tech-giants reap the fruits of streamlining business processes. However, it sometimes becomes tough for companies to assess how AI can rightly be used in a way that can embark on the organizational strategy. This is why it is important to consider various successful examples of artificial intelligence in business and then settle upon one wisely.

Embracing Automation in Business Process

If we see all around, we are encircled closely by automation. Whether it is about playing your favorite song just via voice command or nurturing leads to drive business growth, automation is everywhere. In 2021 and beyond, the organizations are planning to shift their major focus to automation and many of them have already initiated the automation to use for social media posts and work processes. Since there are a wide range of automation tools available in the marketplace, businesses need to be mindful of selecting the right tool that suits and fulfills the business requirements. It was earlier assumed by leading enterprises that automation can only be used to carry out specialized tasks but expectedly, the automated tools are leveraging businesses of all kinds.

Are you looking forward to embarking upon a digital transformation journey? Consider the trends mentioned in this blog post and substantiate your decision.

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