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Conducting your own company isn’t an easy endeavour. You need to keep a lot of things in mind and maintain control overall. You need always to boost your HR system, so your employees stay inspired and focused on your organization’s primary mission. Gradually, their productivity increases over time.

Unfortunately, everything mentioned above seems like a utopia. In the real world, employers often have to use external control methods to ensure that the employees do their job correctly (especially if they are low-qualified employees ).

For example, the attendance of the workers has always been a large problem. The humans are designed so that should they know there is no control over it; they tend to fail the program and take extra time to break. It’s even a more significant problem if your company counts dozens or even hundreds of employees.

But fortunately, nowadays there’s a solution. Phone tracking app which helps to track the employees. Now companies can unwind a little and provide control to the program, just checking on the data and making conclusions.

1. WIFI Attendance.

A genius solution for a complex issue. What can be simpler than controlling workers’ attendance by only emphasizing how many of them are joined to the office WIFI every day? Each good company nowadays has its WIFI.

Moreover, connecting to the workplace WIFI will save the data for employees’ cellular Internet and relating to its a 3 minutes action requiring no attempt. It’s even easier to perform if the work in your business undermines the use of a PC.

All your employees will need to install this program where they will be able to see everyone’s attendance too and examine the calendar of presence. Utilizing WIFI can avoid problems like punch-in failures and friend punching standards in biometric and usual attendance apps.

2. Third Party Tracking Apps

Well, it is not precisely the employee attendance program; instead, it gives the activities of the employees. But still, it can be utilized as attendance monitoring apps as well. If you wish to incorporate this program into your working process, you need all employees to do the check-in when they come to leave and work.

The app will count their location details in line with the period they come and leave in line with the tariff you put in the app. Each of the late coming and no-show cases will be displayed.

3. Time Clock Wizard

This employee monitoring program provides an alternate system of monitoring. It is a cloud-based app, where all of the workers have to sign up. Anyway, it is more than merely a tracker carrying several useful functions.

With Time Clock Wizard, each of your workers can assess the current status of their working hours and statistics and even the sum of money they’ve earned during the last period. The advantage of this system is that it is completely opened, there’s no hidden information and thus, misunderstanding between employees and employer.

4. HR management — Zoho People

Another powerful app for employee surveillance, but it is even more elaborate than the preceding one. It’s instead a complete HR management program than a straightforward attendance program. It includes tons of functions that allow you to coordinate the functioning procedure and arrange your working group.

Geo-fencing may be set-up using the IP address to restrict the location of the check. Another great feature of this program is that it is highly customizable. You can organize the dashboard here according to your company’s structure, including attendance graphs and HR reports.

Then the subscription price is going to be $4.16 a month.

5. Alora – mobile tracking app

Initially, this program was created to watch schoolers’ attendance, but in time, it evolved into an app that enables tracking the employees’ presence.

This Phone tracking app is a great deal more straightforward than the previous ones and will perfectly fit those companies who don’t wish to spend time on complicated HR-attending apps when they don’t possess such a necessity.

The theWiSpy Phone tracking app is the most convenient way to track someone!

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