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Embedding Artificial Intelligence in a blended e-learning solution to enhance learning

Artificial Intelligence

Blended e-learning solution is a hybrid learning system that combines the benefits of a physical classroom with online facilities. Thus a working professional or a student can take advantage of it by attending the classroom session conducted by an experienced faculty, sitting at home. This reduces the load of traveling, plus attending a classroom session at a time and place of the learner’s convenience. Importantly, the Blended e-learning solution is not only about only teaching, but it also involves doubt solving sessions, addressed by the faculty. Blended e-learning solutions are developed by the eLearning companies in India, keeping an organization’s requirements under consideration so that they don’t have to worry about the final training course materials. Blended e-learning solutions are usually categorized under custom eLearning development services, created for children, schools, working professionals, universities, and organizations. Blended e-learning solutions can be optimized for learning purposes by the inclusion of artificial intelligence programs in them. AI or “Artificial Intelligence” is a set of algorithms that mimics human intelligence. A.I is used in games, and as virtual assistance in various devices. The common forms of virtual assistance programs are Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, etc.

About Artificial Intelligence 

A.I technology uses highly complex algorithms to process and understand vast amounts of data. Then accordingly, the A. I map and recognize common patterns among them to predict possible outcome scenarios. This way an A. I accomplish specific complex tasks assigned to it.

Incorporating A. I in Customized eLearning Solutions 

Blended e-learning solution goes beyond the conventional form of learning by offering a host of features that may not be possible in a physical classroom session. The custom eLearning development services blend the benefits of classroom facilities with online facilities to render optimized learning. That is, the faculty will not only teach but also interact with the students to address their doubts and queries. Given below are some of the reasons why Artificial Intelligence will make blended e-learning solution much better prospects for learning and understanding a concept easily:

  1. The blended e-learning solutions offer three dimensional and two-dimensional content and simulations along with the video lectures. Here Artificial Intelligence can be used to provide extra animated and simulated content so that the learners can understand a concept easily.
  1. Since visualisation helps in a greater understanding of the information, Artificial Intelligence can be used to prompt the learners whether they need animated content to understand the information rather than the text content.
  1. Artificial Intelligence can be used to provide a user-friendly interface for the learners so that they can pick and learn the topic of their choice which they find difficult to understand.
  1. eLearning companies in India are known to embed the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence in the blended e-learning solution to offer enhanced “Search Feature” to provide quick results to the questions asked by the learners.
  1. e-learning companies in India incorporate A. I technology within the blended e-learning solution to offer a Virtual Assistant. The learners can ask questions and doubts to the Virtual Assistant for getting immediate answers. The Virtual Assistant combs through a gamut of data in the database; processes them, and then accordingly, fetches the desired matching result to the user. Thanks For Reading More Read On Me4bot

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