Effortlessly Manage Your Employees in 7 Steps


Managing a team of people isn’t always easy. Not only do you have the task of ensuring everyone is on the right track, but you are also responsible for reviewing company decisions and organizing projects. That’s not even mentioning the fact that you have to act as an inspiration and motivation-booster for all employees!

Luckily, there are certain methods you can adopt to turn any group of staff into a smooth-running, hard-working team. If you’re ready to effortlessly manage an excellent team, follow these seven steps.

1. Set Realistic Goals

Goals give people motivation, so it’s important to provide your employees with attainable targets. That way, they always have something to strive toward, whether that’s a small task or a large project that will take weeks.

2. Use Time Management Tools

As a business manager, part of your responsibility is ensuring as little time is wasted as possible. You don’t want an employee working forty hours a week but only really putting in twenty, after all! To avoid this, use time management tools to keep work hours for just that – work. With time management software from peoplexcd.com, you can easily keep track of project times and much more.

3. Get to Know Your Staff

A big part of managing staff is understanding their individual preferences, talents, and goals. By knowing each staff member well, you will be able to delegate jobs appropriately, allowing people to shine where they shine best. If someone often works better in a team than on their own, you know to put them in more group projects. To get to know your employees more, host more one-on-one meetings and spend some time around the active workspace.

4. Provide Space for Collaboration

Collaboration is at the heart of creativity. To effortlessly manage your team of employees, then, you should provide plenty of space for collaborating. A nice set up with sofas, a large table, and a coffee machine would work great! It’s always easier to work as a team if you have a comfortable space to do so.

5. Encourage and Support Development

People work better when they have ambition, so inspire that ambition by encouraging and supporting career development. That person running coffee you hired at the beginning? With enough training and experience, they could become a manager one day with the right encouragement. Not only will development opportunities inspire hard work, but they’ll also ensure you have a team of talented, experienced, and knowledgeable employees.

6. Reward Hard Work

You want your employees to genuinely want to work hard, so encourage that by rewarding hard work, whether that’s individually or as a team. If you’ve had a particularly great month, you could reward the entire team with a lunch at a nearby restaurant or allowing people to leave early one Friday afternoon.

7. Make a Great Example

The best way to effortlessly manage a team is by being a great example yourself. By acting as inspiration and putting all your effort into your work, your employees will be more likely to go the extra mile themselves.