Easiest ways to pimp your ride

pimp your ride
pimp your ride

pimp your ride

Want to make your car stand out in the parking lot? Then, you’re going to need to modify it. But that doesn’t mean you need to invest in TV monitors, 24-inch rims, and a water bed in the back. Instead, choose one of these easy ways to pimp your ride.

Get some new wheels

You don’t have to drive around with 16-inch steel rims. Instead, let your car roll on some nice alloy wheels. Alloy wheels are lighter than steel rims and look classy as well! There are plenty of places that sell quality rims for surprisingly low prices. Just remember not to go too big, or else it could look ugly.

Lower the suspension

Having a lowered car gives your ride an aggressive stance. Plus, it makes you look like a baller every time you get out of the car. While this is definitely one of the more expensive modifications to do, it’s extremely simple for anyone with any sort of automotive knowledge. All you need to do is buy an air suspension kit and adjust it accordingly.

Tint your windows

While this one doesn’t give your car the complete custom look of a lowered chassis, it does make you more popular on dates. Just like rims, you don’t have to go too crazy with the tinting, or it could end up looking tacky. Check out SanDiegoAutoGlassTint.com for more information.

Upgrade your exhaust

If you want a loud, obnoxious set of pipes for all the neighbors to hear, then upgrade your exhaust. You can get an aftermarket exhaust system that is sure to turn heads down the street. If you already have one installed on your car and it’s not too loud, no worries! Just replace your muffler with either a glass pack or an exhaust tip.

Install a spoiler

This is one of the easiest modifications to do, mainly because all you have to do is put it on! There are so many spoilers available for every kind of car imaginable. Depending on how much money you want to spend, you can choose from carbon fiber, plastic, or fiberglass options.

Install a new stereo system

Does your car currently sound like it’s coming out of a tin can? If so, then you need to get yourself an aftermarket stereo system. The easiest way to do this is by buying auto speakers and wiring them up behind the current panels in your car. To get the bass that you’re looking for, an aftermarket subwoofer might be necessary.

Install a push-start ignition system

Every time you start your car, you need to take the key out of your pocket and stick it in the ignition. But with a push-start ignition system, all you have to do is press a button on your dashboard. This is great for people who are always on the go because they don’t have to waste time with keys.

Change your taillights

Why would you want to change out your tail lights? If you think of it from a police officer’s perspective, it makes sense. When you’re driving at night, the only thing they can see is your taillights. If those are dark, it makes it difficult for them to determine what speed you’re traveling. So if you want to make sure that police officers don’t give you a ticket, install some brighter tail lights.