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Does Painting give new look?

Painting give new look

Got bored staying in the same house? Do you feel uninterested to stay in the same old house? The fact is, we can’t change our house every time we want to. Renovating the house every time is not possible as it is expensive and includes a lot of work and is time-consuming. There is a solution to transform your house and give it a whole new look. And that home decor solution is painting your house. It is also inexpensive and easy to do. Painting give new look

Before you can paint a house it’s always necessary to check if there is any leakage in your terrace or water seepage on the wall. Any form of leakage leads to the discolouration of the wall and makes it look even older and unattractive. And only painting will not help as the discoloured patches begin to show in the wall if leakage continues. 

 To prevent the water from penetrating your house, to keep it dry and reduce the humidity inside the house, waterproofing is needed.

Waterproofing will help prevent any damage caused to the things inside your house, due to the excess humidity and water exposure. There are many waterproofing solutions in Mumbai & other metros but choosing the right one is important to avoid repeated hassle every year.

Asian paints DampProof is the best option to go for as it is technically advanced and has acrylic fibres in it which gives you relief for a long time. It has a warranty of 6 years. It also has the following benefits-

  • It makes the wall and terrace waterproof.
  • It bridges the unmatched cracks
  • It improves the mechanical strength
  • It provides strong adhesion.
  • It protects the bars against corrosion
  • It is easy to apply and simple to coat making it easy to maintain.

Make sure to waterproof your house and increase the veracity of your house. Once the waterproofing is done beautify your house by painting them, and make your house look new. Painting give new look

The first thing which draws our attention when we enter a room is its wall. So painting the wall with the right colour is very essential to make your room look spacious, energetic and soothing. It defines the entire interior of the house and serves as a background for everything that goes well with them. Embrace the right colour and accomplish greater things with a little bit of paint. 

A bedroom is a special place where we rest, relax and refresh, we are comfortable and energized. Since colours and light affect our mood, creating a colourful bedroom becomes necessary. Choose the right colour that calms you. Elevate your bedroom décor with these dramatic bedroom paint designs

Ice blue

The blue colour gives a soothing effect and makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated. It also makes the bedroom versatile and elegant.

Lemon yellow

Yellow colour will cheer you up and make you feel the warmth and energized. Combine it with white strips to make your room more traditional

Cobalt blue

This will give your room a bold and rich look making it illuminating the entire room.


This is one of the best colours for a bedroom as it is versatile and cheering. When combined with bright interiors it gives warm feelings.

Royal purple

 This colour absorbs light if your bedroom is bright and gives a vibrant look.

Light lilac

Paint your room with shades of lavender to make the room look calm and energized.

There are so many different colours and shades that you can choose and even can customize the colour combination to make your bedroom lively and pretty.

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