Dealing with Infertility

Dealing with Infertility

Hearing the news that you are infertile can be an incredibly difficult thing to process, whether you are planning on starting a family or not. Although infertility does not mean you cannot still have a wonderful, happy family in your future, it does mean that you will have to go through a few extra steps to get there. Here are some ways you can process the news that you are infertile, and what you can do moving forward. Dealing with Infertility


Self-care is essential for anyone, but particularly when you are going through a tough time and might be feeling low. Try to release stress in whatever way most suits you. You should also try to keep to a regular sleeping pattern where possible and try meditation before you go to bed if you have been struggling to get to sleep. Eating healthy, regular meals is also important. In a nutshell, remember to be kind to yourself during this process, it will get better in time.

Consider Your Options

If you do want to have children, there are other options for you if you have been told you are infertile. It might not have been what you had originally planned or expected, but that does not mean you still cannot have a wonderful experience on your journey to having kids. IVF is one popular option, and if you did have your heart set on experiencing pregnancy this might be the first option for you to explore. Visit specialists such as MCRM Fertility to find out more about this procedure and if it will be suitable for you.

Adoption is another fantastic option if you cannot get pregnant naturally. Not only do you get to bring a beautiful child into your life, but you are giving them the love and care of a family that they deserve. Speak to an adoption agency to get the ball rolling and find out what the next steps are for bringing a child into your home.

If IVF or adoption is not right for you for whatever reason, you can always look into getting a surrogate to carry your child instead. There are plenty of people who are willing to help those who have had fertility issues realize their parenthood dreams, so finding someone who is the right fit for you is possible. You can find a surrogate at a professional organization that will connect you with surrogates that fit your needs. Once you have met a surrogate, you are comfortable with, a legal document will be drawn up and signed by both parties. You will keep in touch with your surrogate throughout the pregnancy and have regular visits with them as well as attend hospital appointments.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

This can be a very challenging time, so reaching out to your loved ones and getting their support will be essential. Not only will you have someone to talk to but going out and enjoying people’s company can sometimes serve as a welcome distraction to everything that you have going on. If you are having a very hard time dealing with your situation, you might want to consider talking to a professional counselor who can support you and might be able to suggest some ways that you can cope with your circumstances a bit easier.

Learning that you are infertile is never easy, but this does not mean that you cannot have happy, healthy children in your future. If you have recently found out about your infertility, consider the points above and see if they can help you with your journey.